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The Condor, Volume 56, Number 5 (1954)

5 (September-October)


Summer Movements of Black Swifts in Relation to Weather Conditions. 261-267.
Miklos D. F. Udvardy.
Variation in Breeding Season and Clutch Size in Song Sparrows of the Pacific Coast. 268-273.
Richard F. Johnson.
Comparative Notes on Fuertes and Orchard Orioles. 274-282.
Richard R. Graber, Jean W. Graber.
The Birds of Guadalupe Island in 1953. 283-294.
Thomas R. Howell, Tom J. Cade.
Nesting of the Greenland Wheatear on Baffin Island. 295-306.
George M. Sutton, David F. Parmelee.
Cooper Society Meetings. 316.
Publication Reviewed. 316.
Notes and News. 316.

From Field and Study

Ross Goose in the Eastern Arctic. 307.
Graham Cooch.
Further Notes on Red-Throated Loons Nesting on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 308-309.
Theed Pearse.
Multiple Use of Cliff Swallow's Nests By Bird Species. 309.
Clarence A. Sooter, E. E. Bennington, Leslie B. Daniels.
Status of the Wood Ibis in San Diego County, California. 309-310.
Andreas B. Rechnitzer.
A Further Record of the Slaty Finch in Mexico. 310-311.
Alden H. Miller, Robert T. Moore.
Ross Goose Observations. 311.
Edward J. O'Neill.
A Third Record of the Black-Throated Blue Warbler in California. 311.
Eric Campbell Kinsey.
Ross Goose in Texas. 312.
F. W. Miller.
Molothrus Ater Ater in Arizona. 312.
Robert W. Dickerman, Allan R. Phillips.
Second Records of the Swamp and Brown Thrasher in Utah. 312-313.
William H. Behle.
Franklin Gulls Riding Whirlwind and Feeding. 313.
Clarence A. Sooter.
Additions to the Avifaunal Record of Point Lobos, California. 313-314.
Ken Legg.
Record Families of Swainson Thrush. 314-315.
John L. Blackford.
Unusual Barn Owl Nest Location. 315.
Ray Quigley, Jr..
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