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The Florida Field Naturalist, a quarterly publication of the Florida Ornithological Society, is a fully refereed technical journal of field biology and natural history. The Florida Field Naturalist welcomes submission of articles and notes containing the results of biological field studies, distributional records, and natural history observations of vertebrates, especially birds. Its geographic area includes Florida, adjacent states, the Bahamas, and nearby West Indies. Notes on behavior should consider previously published information, and interpret the biological, ecological, or evolutionary significance of the behavior reported. Field studies must conform to standard scientific criteria for study design, analysis, and interpretation. Hypotheses should be clearly stated and data should be subjected to statistical testing where appropriate.

All sight reports of occurrences of birds in Florida submitted for publication in the Florida Field Naturalist are reviewed for acceptability by the Records Committee of the Florida Ornithological Society. The Florida Museum of Natural History is the official depository for the Florida Ornithological Society. Citations of other pertinent records, a summary of overall status of the species, and a discussion of relevant biological factors should be part of most reports. Distribution notes are encouraged from observers who have not previously written such reports.

The Florida Field Naturalist presents reviews of books, monographs, and other material of interest to its readers. Materials to be considered for review should be sent to the Associate Editor (for reviews). Unsolicited reviews may also be submitted to the Associate Editor (for reviews). Ideas for commentaries should be submitted to the Editor.

The Florida Ornithological Society does not discourage the reuse of articles and notes appearing in the Florida Field Naturalist. However, in accordance with copyright law, permission must be given to the Florida Field Naturalist and the Florida Ornithological Society, and the notice must appear in the reprinted article.

When preparing a manuscript, authors should carefully follow the style guidelines presented in the link below. These guidelines are based on a recent "Checklist of Instructions to Authors" from The Auk.


Volumes 1-10 (1973-1982)

Volumes 11-20 (1983-1992)

Volumes 21-30 (1993-2002)

Volumes 31-40 (2003-2012)

Volumes 41-45 (2013-2017)


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