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Ross Goose in Texas

F. W. Miller
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5 (September-October)
From Field and Study

Ross GOOSE in Texas.-I have recently had the privilege of examining at the taxidermy studios of W. A. Mayer, Dallas, Texas, a Ross Goose (Chen rossii) which had been.mounted for the collection of Mr. T. T. Waddell, State Game Warden at Eagle Lake, Colorado County, Texas. By letter of March 27, 1954, Mr. Waddell has informed me that this bird was killed on January 4, 1954, 11 miles southeast of Eagle Lake in Wharton County, Texas, by Mr. Frederick Pearson of San Antonio who was on this occasion hunting in the company of Mr. Waddell. Mr. Waddell, an acute observer of water fowl as well as other birds, further informs me that during the past season he saw at least two more of these geese in the same general area. So far as I am aware, this constitutes the first recorded occurrence of the Ross Goose in Texas. The specimen, apparently a male, measures as follows: wing, 390 mm. ; culmen from base, 42 mm. The characteristic “wartiness” at the base of the bill is very much in evidence.-F. W. MILLER, Dallas Museum of Natural History, Dallas, Texas, April 16, 1954. 

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