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Ornithological Monographs

Ornithological Monographs


3. The Birds of Kentucky
Robert M. Mengel


6. Adaptations For Locomotion and Feeding in the Anhinga and the Double-Crested Cormorant
Oscar T. Owre


10. The Behavior of Spotted Antbirds
Edwin O. Willis


11. Behavior, Mimetic Songs and Song Dialects, and Relationships of the Parasitic Indigobirds (Vidua) of Africa
Robert B. Payne


12. Intra-Island Variation in the Mascarene White-Eye Zosterops Borbonica
Frank B. Gill


13. Evolutionary Trends in the Neotropical Ovenbirds and Woodhewers
Alan Feduccia


15. Functional Anatomy and Evolution Apparatus Hawaiian Honeycreeper Genus Loxops (Drepanididae)
Lawrence P. Richards, Walter J. Bock


16. The Red-Tailed Tropicbird On Kure Atoll
Robert R. Fleet


17. Comparative Behavior of the American Avocet and the Black-Necked Stilt (Recurvi Rostridae)
Robert Bruce Hamilton


18. Breeding Biology and Behavior of the Oldsquaw (Clangula Hyemalis L.)
Robert M. Alison


19. Bird Populations of Aspen Forests in Western North America
J. A. Douglas Flack


21. Social organization and Behavior of the Acorn Woodpecker in Central Coastal California
Michael H. Macroberts, Barbara R. Macroberts


22. Maintenance Behavior and Communication in the Brown Pelican
Ralph W. Schreiber


23. Species Relationships in the Avian Genus Aimophila
Larry L. Wolf


24. Land Bird Communities of Grand Bahama Island: the Structure and Dynamics of An Avifauna
John T. Emlen


25. Systematics of Smaller Asian Night Birds Based On Voice
Joe T. Marshall


26. The Ecology and Behavior of the Prairie Warbler Dendroica Discolor
Val Nolan, Jr.


27. Ecology and Evolution of Lek Mating Behavior in the Long-Tailed Hermit Hummingbird
F. Gary Stiles, Larry L. Wolf


28. The Foraging Behavior of Mountain Bluebirds With Emphasis On Sexual Foraging Differences
Harry W. Power


29. The Molt of Scrub Jays and Blue Jays in Florida
G. Thomas Bancroft, Glen E. Woolfenden


30. Avian Incubation: Egg Temperature, Nest Humidity, and Behavioral thermoregulation in A Hot Environment
Gilbert S. Grant


31. The Native Forest Birds of Guam
J. Mark Jenkins


32. The Marine Ecology of Birds in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
David G. Ainley, Edmund F. O'Connor, Robert J. Boekelheide


33. Sexual Selection, Lek and Arena Behavior, and Sexual Size Dimorphism in Birds
Robert B. Payne


34. Pattern, Mechanism, and Adaptive Significance of Territoriality in Herring Gulls (Larus Argentatus)
Joanna Burger


35. Ecogeographical Variation in Size and Proportions of Song Sparrows (Melospiza Melodia)
John W. Aldrich


36. Neotropical Ornithology
P.A. Buckley, Eugene Morton, Robert Ridgley, Francine Buckley


37. Avian Monogamy
Patricia Adair Gowaty, Douglas W. Mock


38. An Analysis of Physical, Physiological, and Optical Aspects of Avian Coloration With Emphasis On Wood-Warblers
Edward H. Burtt, Jr.


39. The Lingual Apparatus of the African Grey Parrot, Psitta Cus Eritha Cus LinnlÉ (Aves: Psittacidae): Description and theoretical Mechanical Analysis
Dominique G. Homberger


40. Patterns and Evolutionary Significance of Geographic Variation in the Schistacea Group of the Fox Sparrow (Passerella Ilia Ca)
Robert M. Zink


41. Hindlimb Myology and Evolution of the Old World Suboscine Passerine Birds (Acanthisittidae, Pittidae, Philepittidae, Eurylaimidae)
Robert J. Raikow


42. Speciation and Geographic Variation in Black-Tailed Gnatcatchers
Jonathan L. Atwood


43. A Distributional Survey of the Birds of the Mexican State of Oaxaca
Laurence C. Binford


44. Recent Advances in the Study of Neogene Fossil Birds
K. Jeffrey Bickart, Robert M. Chandler


45. Descriptions of Thirty-Two New Species of Birds from the Hawaiian Islands Part I Non-Passeriformes
Storrs L. Olson, Helen F. James


46. Descriptions of Thirty-Two New Species of Birds from the Hawaiian Islands: Part II Passeriformes
Helen F. James, Storrs L. Olson


47. Parent-offspring Conflict and Its Resolution in the European Starling
Elizabeth Litovich, Harry W. Power


48. Studies in Neotropical ornithology Honoring Ted Parker
J. V. Remsen Jr.


49. Avian Reproductive Tactics: Female and Male Perspectives
Patricia G. Parker, Nancy Tyler Burley


50. Avian Community, Climate, and Sea-Level Changes in the Plio-Pleistocene of the Florida Peninsula
Steven D. Emslie


51. A Descriptive and Phylogenetic Analysis of Plumulaceous Feather Characters in Charadriiformes
Carla J. Dove


52. Ornithology of Sabah: History, Gazetteer, Annotated Checklist, and Bibliography
Frederick H. Sheldon, Robert G. Moyle, Jody Kennard


53. Evolution of Flightlessness in Rails (Giniformes: Rallidae): Phylogenetic, Ecomorphological, and Ontogenetic Perspectives
Bradley C. Livezey


54. Population Dynamics of the California Spotted Owl (Strix Occidentalis Occidentalis): A Meta-Analysis
Alan B. Franklin, R. J. Gutierrez, James D. Nichols, Mark E. Seamans, Gary C. White, Guthrie S. Zimmerman, James E. Hines, Thomas E. Munton, William S. Lahaye, Jennifer A. Blakesly, George N. Steger, Barry R. Noon, Daniel W. H. Shaw, John J. Keane, Trent L. McDonald, Susan Britting


55. Obligate Army-Ant-Following Birds: A Study of Ecology, Spatial Movement Patterns, and Behavior in Amazonian Peru
Susan K. Willson


56. Prehistoric Human Impacts On California Birds: Evidence from the Emeryville Shellmound Avifauna
Jack M. Broughton


57. Management of Cowbirds and their Hosts: Balancing Science, Ethics, and Mandates
Caterine P. Ortega, Jameson F. Chace, Brian Do Peer

The Ornithological Monographs series, published by the AOS, has been established for major papers and presentation too long for inclusion in the Society's journal, The Auk. Manuscripts for Ornithological Monographs are 50–300 typescript pages, and may deal with a single topic or multi-faceted study (such as a dissertation), or symposia papers from recent ornithological meetings.

For more information about Ornithological Monographs, please visit the American Ornithological Society website.


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