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Browser Support
When a web page does not display correctly, it is often because the web browser being used is outdated. The latest browsers can be downloaded from Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Microsoft Internet Explorer sites.
Acrobat Reader Browser Plug-in
If you receive a message similar to "Windows cannot open this file", it usually means that a different type of program needs to be installed. The SORA archives are provided in PDF format. The latest plug-ins can be downloaded from the Adobe Acrobat Viewer sites.
Errors Downloading or Viewing PDF Files
A common error message received when attempting to view Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files is, "File does not begins with '%PDF-'." Another common problem is for a file to begin downloading, but lock up before completing the download. Adobe offers a support page to help with several issues that may be involved.

Last updated: 2012-01-24

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