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North American Birds

Previously published as part of Bird Lore, Audubon Field Notes, and later American Birds, American Birding Association now produces North American Birds (formerly as Field Notes), the 'journal of record' for birders. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of North America's birdlife, including outstanding records, range extensions and contractions, population dynamics, and changes in migration patterns or seasonal occurrence. Each issue of North American Birds contains thirty-four regional reports, organized in taxonomic order and produced by some of North America's top birders. In addition, each issue also contains a comprehensive summary, and a variety of birding reports. Articles on outstanding bird records augment the regional reports and North American Birds now includes color photos of the most interesting birds of the season in the "Pictorial Highlights" section. North American Birds also publishes reviews of major distribution patterns, and other topics that are linked to the regional reports.

For more information on North American Birds, please visit the American Birding Association website.

North American Birds

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