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SORA Resources

Biological/Zoological Article Repositories Online

AnimalBase (University of Göttingen)
A library of digitized zoological literature from 1589 to the present.
AquaDocs is the joint open access repository of the UNESCO/IOC InternationaI Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) and the International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC) with support from the FAO Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts. It is a thematic repository covering the natural marine, coastal, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments and includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.
Biodiversity Heritage Library
The Biodiversity Heritage Library improves research methodology by collaboratively making biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community.
BioOne is a full-text repository of 200 leading journals in the biological, ecological and environmental sciences.
Proceedings of International Ornithological Congresses
The International Ornithological Union traditionally publishes ‘Proceedings’ which comprise the papers from Presidential addresses, plenary lectures and symposia at International Ornithological Congresses, and associated secretarial, committee and working group reports.

Ornithological Reference Sources

All About Birds (Cornell Lab)
ID help and life history info for 600+ North American species
Guidelines to the Use of Wild Birds in Research
A guide to recommended practices for the use and treatment of wild birds in research.

For Beginning Birdwatchers

Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching
This guide by HomeAdvisor provides bird-watching tips in detail for people of virtually any age.
The Complete Guide to Bird Watching
"Observing our feathered friends can be a great way to fill a day, and best of all anybody – regardless of age, stature or physical condition – can enjoy it. Let’s take a look at the many and varied ways that you can take up birding, and gain the most from this charming activity."
Birdwatching Guide for the Whole Family
Birdwatching – otherwise known as birding – can be fun for everyone in the family.

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