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The Condor, Volume 12, Number 1 (1910)

1 (January-February)


Life History of the California Condor Part IV -- The Young Condor in Captivity. 5-11.
William L. Finley.
Fossil Birds From the Quaternary of Southern California. 12-15.
Loye Holmes Miller.
Abnormal Birds' Eggs. 15-17.
A. M. Ingersoll.
Some Birds of Note From Ventura County. 18-19.
J. R. Pemberton.
A Defense of Oology. 19-22.
Milton S. Ray, Oluf J. Heinemann.
Some Central Colorado Bird Notes. 23-39.
Edward R. Warren.
For the Better Determination of Agelaius tricolor. 39-41.
John W. Mailliard, Joseph Mailliard.
Miscellaneous Records From Alaska. 41-43.
Joseph Grinnell.
Editorial Notes and News. 47-48.
Joseph Grinnell.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 49-52.
H.W. Carriger, J.E. Law, Howard Robertson

From Field and Study

Additions to Grinnell's List of Birds of the San Bernardino Mountains. 44.
G. Willett.
The Alaska Longspur in California. 44.
Frank Stephens.
Limonites ruficollis (Pall.) as an American Bird. 44.
S. A. Buturlin.
The Pectoral Sandpiper at Santa Barbara. 44-45.
Bradford Torrey.
An Albino Magpie. 45.
R. B. Rockwell.
Notes From Sacaton, Arizona. 45-46.
M. French Gilman.
Mortality Among Young Hummingbirds. 46.
A. B. Howell.
The True Home of the Spectacled Eider. 46.
S. A. Buturlin.
Rodgers Fulmar in Southern California. 46.
G. Willett.
The Scott Oriole in Los Angeles County. 46.
J. Grinnell.

Publications Reviewed

Teratornis: a New Avian Genus From Rancho La Brea by Loye Holmes Miller. 48.
Joseph Grinnell
Land Birds of Placer County by Ernest Adams. 48.
Joseph Grinnell
The Habitat Groups of North American Birds in the American Museum of Natural History by Frank Chapman. 48.
The Birds of New Jersey by Witmer Stone. 48-49.
The Birds of the Leeward Islands, Caribbean Sea by Charles B. Cory. 49.
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