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The Condor, Volume 3, Number 4 (1901)

4 (July-August)


Breeding of Hesperocichla naevia in California. 91.
Walter K. Fisher.
The Santa Cruz Song Sparrow, with Notes on the Salt Marsh Song Sparrow. 92-93.
Joseph Grinnell.
Two Years with Mexican Birds. III. Some Plantation Birds. 93-94.
E. H. Skinner.
Scott's Oriole at San Diego, California. 94.
Frank Stephens.
An Exceptional Set of Eggs of the Wood Duck. 95.
Walter B. Sampson.
A New Species of Geospiza Collected by the Hopkins-Stanford Expedition to the Galapagos Islands. 96.
Robert E. Snodgrass, Edmund Heller.
An Outing for Owls' Eggs. 96-98.
Prof. P. M. Silloway.
The Bullock's and Arizona Hooded Orioles. 98-100.
J. F. Illingworth.
Notes on Some Little-known Birds of Southern California. 100.
Edmund Heller.
Two Amusing Incidents. 101-102.
A. I. Mccormick.
A Study of the Birds of Santiago Canyon. 103-104.
Mollie Bryan.
Pacific Coast Changes in the Check-list. 106.
No Author.
No Author.
Save the Birds Stomachs. 108.
No Author.
Editorial Notes. 108.
No Author.
A Suggestion for Forming Club Chapters. 109.
Frank S. Daggett.
Query Column (Answers). 109.
W. Otto Emerson.
Publications Received. 110.
No Author.
Official Minutes of Northern Division. 110.
No Author.


Use of Collodion to Prevent Arsenical Poisoning. 106.
W. L. Burnett.
A Boon for Oologists. 106.
Chas W. Bowles.

Echoes from the Field

Early Nesting of the Red-bellied Hawk. 104.
Nelson Carpenter.
Western Evening Grosbeak Again. 104.
F. C. Clark.
Parasites in Birds. 104-105.
L. Belding.
Notes on the Loon, Evening Grosbeak and Broad-tailed Hummingbird. 105.
R. C. Mcgregor.
Breeding of the Western Robin in Lake Co.,California. 105.
A. W. Johnson.
Curious Nest of Anna's Hummingbird. 105.
W. Lee Chambers.
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