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Pacific Coast Changes in the Check-list

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4 (July-August)



The tenth supplement to the A. 0. U. CheckList contains additions of especial interest to Coast workers.’ These were acted upon at the recent session of the A. 0. U. Committee on Nomenclature, and a list of the accepted forms occnrring on the Pacific Coast is here given.

Ardea herodias fannini CHAPMAN, Northwest Coast Heron, Queen Charlotte Ids. and coast region of British Columbia; Camcchites canadensis osgoodi BISHOP, Alaska Spruce Grouse, Upper Yukon region and thence northwest to Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet; La%qopus feucurus attipefens OSGOOD, Southern White-tailed Ptarmigan, Southern Rocky ,Mts., (Colorado, New Mexico etc.); Empidonax insuticota OBERHOLSER, Santa Barbara Flycatcher, Santa Barbara Ids., Cal.; Perisoreus obscunts griseus RIDGUT., Gray Jay, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and northern California east of the Coast and Cascade Ranges; Ammodrnmus rosfrntus hatophibs (MCGREGOR), Lagoon Sparrow, Salt marshes in the vicinity of Abreojos Point, Lower California; Pipito mncutafus atrnfus RIDGW., San Diego Towhee, Southern coast district of California, south of San Fernando and Sierra San Gabriel, and south to Lower California; Pipilo fuscus carole MCGREGOR, Northern Brown Towhee, Northwestern California; Dendroica nigrifrons BREWSTER, Blackfronted Warbler. Sierra Madre of Chihuahua, Mexico north to the Huachuca aud Chiricahua Mts., Arizona; Geothlypis trichas arizela OBIZRH. Pacific Coast region, from Southeru British Columbia to northern Lower California, west of the Cascades and Sierra Nevadas; Thryomanes bewickii charienturrbs OBERH., Coast region of Southern California north to about Pasadena; Santa Catalina Island; Thtryomanes bewickii calophoaus OFIERH., Pacific slope, from Oregon to southern Vancouver Island and valley of Fraser River, British Columbia; Anorthura hiemalis helleri OSGOOD, Kadiak Winter Wren, Kadiak Island Xlaska; Anorthucva meligeva OBERII., Aleutian Wren 1 The westernlost islands of the Aleutian group, Alaska; Certhia famifiaris zetotes OJGOOD, Sierra Creeper, Cascade Mountains of Oregon and the Sierra Nevada of California; Chamae fasciata phcea OSGOOD, Coast Wren-Tit, Coast region of Oregon and California from Astoria, Oregon to Mariu Co. California; Regulus cafenduZa grinnetli IV. PALMER, Sitkan Kinglet, Sitka district, Alaska; HyZocichfn usfulata afmcp OBERH, Almas ’ Thrush. Yukon Basin, south to the Rocky Mouutains region, and west to Utah and eastern Nevada.

The following changes are also of interest: Our Colaptes cafer becomes Coloptes cafer, collaris, the former being restricted to Mexico; Sayornis nigricans semiatra is assigned to the Coast as follows: “Pacific Coast of the United ’ States and Mexico, from Oregon to Colima, eastward to Arizona”; Zonotrichia leucophrys intermedia becomes Zonotrichia l. gambellii, while the former Zonotrichia leucophrys gambellii is changed to Zonotrichia 1. nutalli. 

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