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Ornithological Monographs (Vol 51 - 60)

51. A Descriptive and Phylogenetic Analysis of Plumulaceous Feather Characters in Charadriiformes
Carla J. Dove
52. Ornithology of Sabah: History, Gazetteer, Annotated Checklist, and Bibliography
Frederick H. Sheldon, Robert G. Moyle, Jody Kennard
53. Evolution of Flightlessness in Rails (Giniformes: Rallidae): Phylogenetic, Ecomorphological, and Ontogenetic Perspectives
Bradley C. Livezey
54. Population Dynamics of the California Spotted Owl (Strix Occidentalis Occidentalis): A Meta-Analysis
Alan B. Franklin, R. J. Gutierrez, James D. Nichols, Mark E. Seamans, Gary C. White, Guthrie S. Zimmerman, James E. Hines, Thomas E. Munton, William S. Lahaye, Jennifer A. Blakesly, George N. Steger, Barry R. Noon, Daniel W. H. Shaw, John J. Keane, Trent L. McDonald, Susan Britting
55. Obligate Army-Ant-Following Birds: A Study of Ecology, Spatial Movement Patterns, and Behavior in Amazonian Peru
Susan K. Willson
56. Prehistoric Human Impacts On California Birds: Evidence from the Emeryville Shellmound Avifauna
Jack M. Broughton
57. Management of Cowbirds and their Hosts: Balancing Science, Ethics, and Mandates
Caterine P. Ortega, Jameson F. Chace, Brian Do Peer
58. TBA
59. TBA
60. Volume 60 Articles
Ornithological Monographs

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