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Ornithological Monographs (Vol 60)

Ornithological Monographs
Introduction 1-5.
Rosemary Barraclough
Avian Influenza in Wild Birds: Status as Reservoirs, and Risks to Humans and Agriculture 6-29.
Larry Clark and Jeffrey Hall
House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus) Population- and Group-Level Responses to a Bacterial Disease 30-43.
Wesley M. Hochachka and André A. Dhondt
West Nile Virus in North American Birds 44-64.
Robert G. McLean
Effects of West Nile Virus Mortality on Social Structure of an American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) Population in Upstate New York 65-78.
Anne B. Clark, Douglas A. Robinson, Jr., and Kevin J. McGowan
West Nile Virus in the Permanent-Resident Bird Community of a Fragmented Ohio Landscape 79-85.
James S. Marshall, D. Andrew Zuweink, Robert A. Restifo, and Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.
Health Assessment of Seabirds on Isla Genovesa, Galápagos Islands 86-97.
Luis R. Padilla, Noah K. Whiteman, Merkel, Kathryn P. Huyvaert, and Patricia G. Parker
Avian Hematozoa in South America: a Comparison of Temperate and Tropical Zones 98-111.
Kate L. Durrant, Jon S. Beadell, Farah Ishtiaq, Gary R. Graves, Storrs L. Olson, Eben Gering, M. A. Peirce, Christopher M. Milensky, Brian K. Schmidt, Christina Gebhard, and Robert C. Fleischer
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