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The Auk, Volume 110, Number 1 (1993)

1 (January)


Relic of a Lost World: A New Species of Sunangel (Trochilidae: Heliangelus) From Bogot. 1-8.
Gary R. Graves.
Speciation in Golden-Plovers, Pluvialis Dominica and P. Fulva: Evidence From the Breeding Grounds. 9-20.
Peter G. Connors, Brian J. Mccaffery, John L. Maron.
Partial Migration in a Population of Greater Prairie-Chickens in Northeastern Colorado. 21-28.
Michael A. Schroeder, Clait E. Braun.
Use and Importance of Feathers As Nest Lining in Tree Swallows (Tachycineta Bicolor). 29-36.
David W. Winkler.
Long-Term Dynamics of a Wood Thrush Population Breeding in a Forest Fragment. 37-48.
Roland R. Roth, R. Kent Johnson.
Genetic Divergence Among Populations of the Hawaiian Duck, Laysan Duck, and Mallard. 49-56.
Robert A. Browne, Curtice R. Griffin, Paul R. Chang, Mark Hubley, Amy E. Martin.
Parasitic Egg Laying in Canvasbacks: Frequency, Success, and Individual Behavior. 57-69.
Michael D. Sorenson.
Differential Migration of Blue Grouse in Colorado. 70-77.
Brian S. Cade, Richard W. Hoffman.
Age-Related Differences in Time Budgets and Parental Care in Wintering Common Cranes. 78-88.
Javier A. Alonso, Juan C. Alonso.
Patterns of Predation on Passerine Nests in Marshes: Effects of Water Depth and Distance From Edge. 89-94.
Jaroslav Picman, Maynard L. Milks, Michelle Leptich.
Effect of Heating Nest Boxes on Egg Laying in the Blue Tit (Parus Caeruleus). 95-99.
Y. Yom-Tov, J. Wright.
Contributions to Avian Biogeography From the Archipelago and Lowlands of Bocas Del Toro, Panama. 100-108.
Storrs L. Olson.
Living With Parasites: Prevalence of a Blood Parasite and Its Effect on Survivorship in the Purple Martin. 109-116.
Priya Davidar, Eugene S. Morton.
Genetic Divergence Among Populations of a Tropical Passerine, the Streaked Saltator (Saltator Albicollis). 117-126.
Gilles Seutin, Jeffrey Brawn, Robert E. Ricklefs, Eldredge Bermingham.
In Memoriam: Ernst Sch. 127.
Ernst Mayr.
In Memoriam: Boonsong Lekagul, 1907-1992. 128.
H. Elliott Mcclure.
William Brewster Memorial Award, 1992:. 161-162.
Elliott Coues Award, 1992:. 162-163.
Reviews. 164-167.

Short Communications And Commentaries

Intraclutch Egg-Mass Variation in Geese: A Mechanism For Brood Reduction in Precocial Birds?. 129-132.
Thomas W. P. Friedl.
Analysis of Great Horned Owl Pellets With Rhinoceros Auklet Remains. 133-135.
James L. Hayward, Joseph G. Galusha, Gladys Frias.
The Pacific Golden-Plover (Pluvialis Fulva): Discovery of the Species and Other Historical Notes. 136-141.
Oscar W. Johnson.
Comparison of Rod/Cone Ratio in Three Species of Shorebirds Having Different Nocturnal Foraging Strategies. 141-145.
Luz Marina Rojas De Azuaje, Susan Tai, Raymond Mcneil.
Extended Parent-Offspring Relationships in Greenland White-Fronted Geese (Anser Albifrons Flavirostris). 145-148.
Stephanie M. Warren, A. D. Fox, Alyn Walsh, Paddy O'sullivan.
Intergradation Between the Bush-Tanagers Chlorospingus Punctulatus and C. Ophthalmicus in Western Panama (Aves: Thraupidae). 148-150.
Storrs L. Olson.
Effect of Handling Time and Freezing on Catabolic Enzyme Activity in House Sparrow Pectoralis Muscle. 150-152.
Timothy P. O'Connor, Terry L. Root.
Dna Fingerprinting in Avian Behavioral Ecology: Two Cultures Arise. 152-155.
Patricia Adair Gowaty, H. Lisle Gibbs.
On Egg-Laying Times of American Robins. 156.
David M. Scott.
On the Possibility That Intercontinental Landbird Migrants Copulate En Route. 157-160.
Frank R. Moore, M. Victoria Mcdonald.
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