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The Auk, Volume 109, Number 3 (1992)

3 (July)


Continuous Laying By American Coots in Response to Partial Clutch Removal and Total Clutch Loss. 407-421.
Todd W. Arnold.
Age-Related Effects of Testosterone, Plumage, and Experience on Aggression and Social Dominance in Juvenile Male Satin Bowerbirds (Ptilonorhynchus Violaceus). 422-434.
Ken Collis, Gerald Borgia.
Estimating Conspecific Nest Parasitism in the Northern Masked Weaver Based on Within-Female Variability in Egg Appearance. 435-443.
Wendy M. Jackson.
Estimating Age of Young Birds With a Multivariate Measure of Body Size. 444-450.
Scott G. Gilliland, C. Davison Ankney.
Ontogenesis of Intestinal Nutrient Transport in Domestic Chickens (Gallus Gallus) and Its Relation to Growth. 451-464.
Bryan S. Obst, Jared Diamond.
Systematic Relationships Among Some Anatini As Derived From Restriction-Endonuclease Analysis of a Repeated Dna Component. 465-473.
James M. Tuohy, Kevin P. Mchugh, Siwo R. De Kloet.
Roles of Egg Mass and Incubation Pattern in Establishment of Hatching Hierarchies in the Blackbird (Turdus Merula). 474-487.
Robert D. Magrath.
Effects of Food Abundance and Male Parental Care on Reproductive Success and Monogamy in Tree Swallows. 488-499.
Peter O. Dunn, Susan J. Hannon.
Visible Morning Flight of Neotropical Landbird Migrants At Cape May, New Jersey. 500-510.
David S. Wiedner, Paul Kerlinger, David A. Sibley, Paul Holt, Julian Hough, Richard Crossley.
Physiology of Prolonged Fasting in Greater Snow Geese (Chen Caerulescens Atlantica). 511-521.
Claire Boismenu, Gilles Gauthier, Jacques Larochelle.
Establishing Paternity in Whooping Cranes (Grus Americana) By Dna Analysis. 522-529.
Jonathan L. Longmire, George F. Gee, Cathy L. Hardekopf, Graham A. Mark.
Evolution in the Rock Dove: Skeletal Morphology. 530-542.
Richard F. Johnston.
Pair Composition and Reproductive Success Across a Hybrid Zone of Carrion Crows and Hooded Crows. 543-555.
Nicola Saino, Simona Villa.
Confidence of Paternity and Parental Effort in Razorbills. 556-562.
Richard H. Wagner.
Copulation Patterns and Sperm Competition in the Polygynandrous Smith's Longspur. 563-575.
James V. Briskie.
Factors Affecting Survival of Adult Least Auklets (Aethia Pusilla) At St. Paul Island, Alaska. 576-584.
Ian L. Jones.
Predation on the Eggs and Nestlings of Florida Scrub Jays. 585-593.
Ron Schaub, Ronald L. Mumme, Glen E. Woolfenden.
To Raise or to Abandon a Reduced Clutch: A Theoretical Approach Illustrated Using Ringed Turtle-Doves (Streptopelia Risoria). 594-600.
Carel Ten Cate, Michael Taborsky.
Antipredator Behavior and Breeding Associations of Bar-Tailed Godwits and Whimbrels. 601-608.
Tore Larsen, Jostein Moldsvor.
Female-Biased Delayed Dispersal and Helping in American Crows. 609-619.
Carolee Caffrey.
Sperm Storage and the Fertile Period in the Bengalese Finch. 620-625.
T. R. Birkhead.
Mitochondrial Dna Phylogeographic Differentiation Among Avian Populations and the Evolutionary Significance of Subspecies. 626-636.
R. Martin Ball., Jr., John C. Avise.
Selection of Bill Size Proportions in the Common Rosefinch (Carpodacus Erythrinus). 637-642.
Mats Bj.
In Memoriam: James R. King, 1927-1991. 643-645.
Glenn E. Walsberg.
In Memoriam: L. Richard Mewaldt, 1917-1990. 646-647.
C. John Ralph.
In Memoriam: James Osborne Stevenson, 1908-1991. 648.
Harvey K. Nelson.
In Memoriam: Heinrich Dathe, 1910-1991. 648.
Ernst Mayr.
Reviews. 683-696.

Short Communications And Commentaries

Ospreys Use Local Enhancement and Flock Foraging to Locate Prey. 649-654.
Stephen P. Flemming, Peter C. Smith, Norman R. Seymour, Robert P. Bancroft.
Vocalizations in Aptenodytes Penguins: Application of the Two-Voice Theory. 654-658.
Patrice Robisson.
Seasonal Variation in Gene Frequencies in the House Sparrow (Passer Domesticus). 658-662.
John M. Bates, Robert M. Zink.
Experimental Evidence For Importance of Male Parental Care in Monogamous House Wrens. 662-664.
L. Scott Johnson, Marilyn S. Merkle, L. Henry Kermott.
Food Storing By Mexican Chickadees and Bridled Titmice. 665-666.
Robert R. Hampton, David F. Sherry.
Is There a Positive Relationship Between Body Size and Fecundity in Lesser Snow Geese?. 667-673.
E. G. Cooch, D. B. Lank, R. F. Rockwell, F. Cooke.
Ptilochronology: A Consideration of Some Empirical Results and Assumptions"". 673-676.
Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.
Ptilochronology: Accuracy and Reliability of the Technique. 676-680.
Mary E. Murphy.
Furthering Avian Conservation in Latin America. 680-682.
Stuart D. Strahl.
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