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The Auk, Volume 109, Number 1 (1992)

1 (January)


Proximate Basis of Variation in Carotenoid Pigmentation in Male House Finches. 1-12.
Geoffrey E. Hill.
Bill Color, Reproduction and Condition Effects in Wild and Domesticated Zebra Finches. 13-23.
Nancy Tyler Burley, Donald K. Price, Richard A. Zann.
Phylogenetic, Taxonomic and Biogeographical Implications of Genetic, Morphological, and Behavioral Variation in Francolins (Phasianidae: Francolinus). 24-42.
Timothy M. Crowe, Eric H. Harley, Mariola B. Jak
Natural and Induced Remanent Magnetism in Birds. 43-56.
Holly H. Edwards, Gary D. Schnell, Robert L. Dubois, Victor H. Hutchison.
Roosting Behavior of Premigratory Dunlins (Calidris Alpina). 57-72.
Colleen M. Handel, Robert E. Gill, Jr.
Characterization and Phylogenetic Significance of a Repetitive Dna Sequence From Whooping Cranes (Grus Americana). 73-79.
Jamie Love, Prescott Deininger.
Genetic Structure of Blue Duck (Hymenolaimus Malacorhynchos) Populations Revealed By Dna Fingerprinting. 80-89.
Susan J. Triggs, Murray J. Williams, Stephen J. Marshall, Geoffrey K. Chambers.
Test of the Ecological Basis of Cooperative Breeding in Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers. 90-97.
Jeffrey R. Walters, Carole K. Copeyon, J. H. Carter, Iii.
Individual Variation in Fruit Choice By American Robins (Turdus Migratorius). 98-111.
Robin E. Jung.
Brood Size and Thermal Environment Influence Field Metabolism of Nestling Yellow-Eyed Juncos. 112-118.
Kimberly A. Sullivan, Wesley W. Weathers.
Effects of Wind and Illumination on Behavior and Metabolic Rate of American Goldfinches (Carduelis Tristis). 119-125.
George S. Bakken, Kimberly F. Lee.
Mitochondrial-Dna Variation in the Polytypic Alaskan Song Sparrow. 126-132.
Matthew P. Hare, Gerald F. Shields.
Phylogeny and Rates of Molecular Evolution in the Aphelocoma Jays (Corvidae). 133-147.
A. Townsend Peterson.
Short-Term Effects of Hurricane Gilbert on Terrestrial Bird Populations on Jamaica. 148-166.
Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr., D. Jean Lodge, Robert B. Waide.
The Evolutionary Significance of Lifetime Reproductive Success. 167-172.
Bertram G. Murray, Jr.
Dna-Dna Hybridization Evidence of Phylogenetic Relationships Among Major Lineages of Parus. 173-185.
Frederick H. Sheldon, Beth Slikas, Maureen Kinnarney, Frank B. Gill, E. Zhao, Bengt Silverin.
In Memoriam: Milton Bernhard Trautman, 1899-1991. 186-188.
Harold F. Mayfield.
In Memoriam: Bernhard Rensch, 1900-1990. 188.
Ernst Mayr.
In Memoriam: Norman Fredrick Sloan, 1934-1989. 189.
Jerome A. Jackson.
In Memoriam: James T. Tanner, 1914-1991. 189-190.
Ben B. Coffey, Jr.
In Memoriam: Hermann Rahn, 1912-1990. 190-191.
Carol M. Vleck.
William Brewster Memorial Award, 1991. 205-206.
Lewis W. Oring.
Elliott Coues Award, 1991. 206-207.
John A. Wiens.
Reviews. 208-214.

Short Communications And Commentaries

Asynchronous Polygyny in the House Wren (Troglodytes Aedon). 192-195.
Michael S. Quinn, Geoffrey L. Holroyd.
Basic Technique For Preparation of Down For Examination With the Scanning Electron Microscope. 195-197.
Roxie C. Laybourne, Beth Ann Sabo, Ann Morningstar.
Sexual Selection and the Evolution of Extravagant Traits in Birds: Problems With Testing Good-Genes Models of Sexual Selection. 197-199.
Ian L. Jones.
Confusing Models With Tests in Studies of Sexual Selection: Reply to Jones. 199-201.
Richard Buchholz.
Comparing Actual and Random Distributions of Nearest Neighbors. 202-203.
Ronald P. Larkin.
Reply to Larkin. 203-204.
Scott M. Pearson.
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