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The Auk, Volume 107, Number 1 (1990)

1 (January)


Direct and Indirect Effects of Peregrine Falcon Predation on Seabird Abundance. 1-10.
R. T. Paine, J. T. Wootton, P. D. Boersma.
Incubation Temperatures and Behavior of Crowned, Black-Winged, and Lesser Black-Winged Plovers. 10-17.
David Ward.
Summertime Activity Budgets of Hatching-Year Mourning Doves. 18-24.
Michael P. Losito, Ralph E. Mirarchi, Guy A. Baldassarre.
Body Morphometrics, Age Structure, and Partial Migration of Urban Merlins. 25-34.
Ian G. Warkentin, Paul C. James, Lynn W. Oliphant.
Mate Choice Is Not Important For Female Reproductive Success in the Common Rosefinch (Carpodacus Erythrinus). 35-44.
Mats Bj.
A Comparative Study of Reproductive Adaptations in House and Tree Sparrows. 45-59.
Notes and News. 59.
Steroid Hormones in Relation to Territoriality, Breeding Density, and Parental Behavior in Male Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. 60-68.
Les D. Beletsky, Gordon H. Orians, John C. Wingfield.
Univariate Metrics Are Not Adequate to Measure Avian Body Size. 69-74.
Scott Freeman, Wendy M. Jackson.
Nutrient Reserve Dynamics of Breeding Canvasbacks. 75-85.
Jeb A. Barzen, Jerome R. Serie.
Behavioral and Ecological Correlates of Territory Quality in the Eurasian Nuthatch (Sitta Europaea). 86-95.
Erik Matthysen.
Migration Counts of Raptors At Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania, As Indicators of Population Trends, 1934-1986. 96-109.
James C. Bednarz, Daniel Klem Jr., Laurie J. Goodrich, Stanley E. Senner.
Phylogenetic Patterns of Size and Shape of the Nasal Gland Depression in Phalacrocoracidae. 110-118.
Douglas Siegel-Causey.
Effectiveness of Social Stimuli in Attracting Laysan Albatross to New Potential Nesting Sites. 119-124.
Richard H. Podolsky.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 125.
Philopatry, Nest-Site Fidelity, and Reproductive Performance in Buffleheads. 126-132.
Gilles Gauthier.
Intersexual and Temporal Variation in Foraging Ecology of Prothonotary Warblers During the Breeding Season. 133-145.
Lisa J. Petit, Daniel R. Petit, Kenneth E. Petit, W. James Fleming.
Annual Variation in Foraging Ecology of Prothonotary Warblers During the Breeding Season. 146-152.
Lisa J. Petit, Daniel R. Petit, Kenneth E. Petit, W. James Fleming.
Comparative Breeding Biology of the Two Bill Morphs of the Black-Bellied Seedcracker. 153-160.
Thomas Bates Smith.
Plumage, Morphometric, and Song Variation in Mourning (Oporornis Philadelphia) and Macgillivray's (O. Tolmiei) Warblers. 161-171.
Jay Pitocchelli.
Migration Routes of New World Sanderlings (Calidris Alba). 172-180.
J. P. Myers, M. Sallaberry A., E. Ortiz, G. Castro, L. M. Gordon, J. L. Maron, C. T. Schick, E. Tabilo, P. Antas, T. Below.
In Memoriam: William H. Phelps Jr.. 181-183.
Reviews. 213-235.
William Brewster Memorial Award, 1989. 236-237.
Elliott Coues Award, 1989. 238.


Male Parental Investment and Female Competence in Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. 205-206.
Kevin J. Cash, L. Scott Johnson.
Response to Cash and Johnson. 206-208.
David F. Gori.
Half a Million Eiders Off Cape Cod: Compounded Errors or Changed Populations?. 208-209.
Anthony J. Erskine.
Comparisons of Patch-Use Models For Wintering American Tree Sparrows. 210-211.
Michael W. Tome.
Response to Tome. 211-212.
Sarah Gaines.

Short Communications

Constancy of Margins of the Hybrid Zone in Titmice of the Parus Bicolor Complex in Coastal Texas. 184-188.
Keith L. Dixon.
Multiple Functions of Courtship Displays in Dabbling Ducks (Anatini). 188-191.
Frank Mckinney, Lisa Guminski Sorenson, Mark Hart.
Taxonomic Status of the Coquette Hummingbird of Guerrero, Mexico. 191-192.
Richard C. Banks.
Numbers of Sperm-Storage Tubules in the Zebra Finch (Poephila Guttata) and Bengalese Finch (Lonchura Striata). 193-197.
T. R. Birkhead, F. M. Hunter.
Age-Related Pair Bonding By Male Eurasian Wigeons in Relation to Courtship Activity. 197-198.
Juan A. Amat.
Molecular Sexing of Geese Using a Cloned Z Chromosomal Sequence With Homology to the W Chromosome. 199-202.
Thomas W. Quinn, Fred Cooke, Bradley N. White.
Evidence For Vocal Learning By a Scrub Jay. 202-204.
Tom Webber, Rosemary A. Stefani.
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