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The Auk, Volume 103, Number 4 (1986)

4 (October)


Morphological and Vocal Variation Across a Contact Zone Between the Chickadees Parus Atricapillus and P. Carolinensis. 655-666.
Mark B. Robbins, Michael J. Braun, Emily A. Tobey.
Extensive Protein Similarity of the Hybridizing Chickadees Parus Atricapillus and P. Carolinensis. 667-675.
Michael J. Braun, Mark B. Robbins.
Mitochondrial Dna: A Source of Genetic Markers For Studies of Similar Passerine Bird Species. 676-681.
Andrew L. Mack, Frank B. Gill, Robert Colburn, Christina Spolsky.
Notes and News. 681-830.
Egg Formation in Cassin's Auklet. 682-693.
Lee B. Astheimer.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 693.
Female Choice in Middendorff's Grasshopper-Warbler (Locustella Ochotensis). 694-700.
Hisashi Nagata.
Low Genic Variation Between Black Ducks and Mallards. 701-709.
C. Davison Ankney, Darrell G. Dennis, Lisa N. Wishard, James E. Seeb.
The Diet of American Robins: An Analysis of U.S. Biological Survey Records. 710-725.
Nathaniel T. Wheelwright.
Daily Activity Patterns of South Polar and Brown Skuas Near Palmer Station, Antarctica. 726-736.
Pamela J. Pietz.
A Phylogenetic Analysis of Recent Anseriform Genera Using Morphological Characters. 737-754.
Bradley C. Livezey.
Population Ecology of the Long-Billed Curlew (Numenius Americanus) in Western Idaho. 755-767.
Roland L. Redmond, Donald A. Jenni.
Role of Sibling Aggression in Food Distribution to Nestling Cattle Egrets (Bubulcus Ibis). 768-776.
Bonnie J. Ploger, Douglas W. Mock.
Foraging Behavior of Gentoo and Chinstrap Penguins As Determined By New Radiotelemetry Techniques. 777-781.
Wayne Z. Trivelpiece, John L. Bengtson, Susan G. Trivelpiece, Nicholas J. Volkman.
Female Site Fidelity and Polygyny in the Blackpoll Warbler (Dendroica Striata). 782-790.
Bonita C. Eliason.
Density Trends and Range Boundary Constraints of Forest Birds Along a Latitudinal Gradient. 791-803.
John T. Emlen, Michael J. Dejong, Michael John Jaeger, Timothy C. Moermond, Kurt A. Rusterholz, Robin P.
Reidentification of Phalacrocorax" Subvolans Brodkorb As the Earliest Record of Anhingidae". 804-808.
Jonathan J. Becker.
In Memoriam: Lester L. Snyder. 809-811.
R. Charles Long, Jon C. Barlow.
In Memoriam: Finn Salomonsen, 1909-1983. 811.
F. G. Cooch.
In Memoriam: Frank Richardson, 1913-1985. 812.
Tony Angell.
Erratum. 835.
Reviews. 836-847.
Report of the American Ornithologists' Union Committee For the Conservation of the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker. 848-855.
J. David Ligon, Peter B. Stacey, Richard N. Conner, Carl E. Bock, Curtis S. Adkisson.

Index to Volume 103. 856-866.



The Possible Impact of Observer Bias on Some Avian Research. 831-832.
David F. Balph, H. Charles Romesburg.
Mass or Weight: What Is Measured and What Should Be Reported?. 832.
John W. Chardine.
Why Hummingbirds Hover: A Commmentary. 832-833.
F. Reed Hainsworth.
Response to F. R. Hainsworth. 834.
Richard S. Miller.
The Adaptive Significance of Anting. 835.
Paul R. Ehrlich, David S. Dobkin, Darryl Wheye.

Short Communications

Dynamics of Nest Parasitism in Wood Ducks. 813-816.
Brad Semel, Paul W. Sherman.
Songbird Carcasses Disappear Rapidly From Agricultural Fields. 817-820.
Richard Balcomb.
Changes in Plasma Prolactin Associated With Laying and Hatch in the Spotted Sandpiper. 820-822.
Lewis W. Oring, Albert J. Fivizzani, Mohamed E. El Halawani.
Composition and Quantity of Feather Sheaths Produced By White-Crowned Sparrows During the Postnuptial Molt. 822-825.
Mary E. Murphy, James R. King.
Estimating Nest Detection Probabilities For White-Winged Dove Nest Transects in Tamaulipas, Mexico. 825-828.
James D. Nichols, Roy E. Tomlinson, Gary Waggerman.
Diving Depths of Atlantic Puffins and Common Murres. 828-830.
Alan E. Burger, Mark Simpson.
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