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The Auk, Volume 101, Number 1 (1984)

1 (January)


Breeding Ecology and Extinction of the Great Auk (Pinguinus Impennis): Anecdotal Evidence and Conjectures. 1-12.
Sven-Axel Bengtson.
Songs of the Alder Flycatcher (Empidonax Alnorum) and Willow Flycatcher (Empidonax Traillii) Are Innate. 13-24.
Donald E. Kroodsma.
Reproductive Energetics of Two Tropical Bird Species. 25-37.
D. M. Bryant, C. J. Hails, P. Tatner.
Notes and News. 37-109.
The Influence of Nectar Resources on Nesting Success and Movement Patterns of the Common Amakihi (Hemignathus Virens). 38-46.
Charles Van Riper Iii.
Must Desert Chukars (Alectoris Chukar Sinaica) Drink Water? Water Influx and Body Mass Changes in Response to Dietary Water Content. 47-52.
A. Allan Degen, Berry Pinshow, Peter J. Shaw.
The Detection of Near-Ultraviolet Light By Nonmigratory and Migratory Birds. 53-58.
John W. Parrish, James A. Ptacek, Kevin L. Will.
Feeding Correlates of Breeding and Social Organization in Two Gal. 59-68.
Dolph Schluter.
Age-Related Mortality in a Wintering Population of Dunlin. 69-73.
Barbara E. Kus, Philip Ashman, Gary W. Page, Lynne E. Stenzel.
The Hindlimb Musculature of the White-Fronted Amazon (Amazona Albifrons, Psittaciformes). 74-92.
Susan L. Berman.
Effect of Diet on Visceral Morphology of Breeding Wood Ducks. 93-98.
Ronald D. Drobney.
Karyotypic Evolution and Long-Term Effective Population Sizes of Birds. 99-102.
George F. Barrowclough, Gerald F. Shields.
Growth of the Wedge-Tailed Shearwater in the Hawaiian Islands. 103-109.
Ted N. Pettit, G. Vernon Byrd, G. Causey Whittow, Michael P. Seki.
The Role of Plumage Polymorphism in Dominance Relationships of the White-Throated Sparrow. 110-120.
Doris J. Watt, C. John Ralph, Carter T. Atkinson.
Seasonal Influence on the Strategies of Growth and Development of Canvasback and Lesser Scaup Ducklings. 121-133.
Jill P. Lightbody, C. Davison Ankney.
On the Use of Avian Mortality Patterns to Test Sexual Selection Theory. 134-139.
Patrick J. Weatherhead, Hamilton Greenwood, Robert G. Clark.
Sexual Selection and Interspecific Competition: A Field Experiment on Territorial Behavior of Nonparental Finches (Vidua Spp.). 140-145.
Robert B. Payne, Kathleen D. Groschupf.
In Memoriam: George Miksch Sutton. 146-152.
Olin Sewall Pettingill, Jr.
100 Years Ago in the Auk. 203.
Reviews. 204-218.
Brewster and Coues Awards. 219-220.


Paracas Revisited: Do Shorebirds Compete on Their Wintering Ground?. 197-199.
J. P. Myers, B. J. Mccaffery.
Paracas Rejoined--Do Shorebirds Compete in the Tropics?. 199-201.
David Cameron Duffy, David C. Schneider, Natasha Atkins.


The Place of Long-Term Studies in Ornithology. 202-203.
John A. Wiens.

Short Communications

Ratios in Avian Physiology. 153-155.
Charles R. Blem.
A Hybrid Red Crossbill-Pine Siskin (Loxia Curvirostra X Carduelis Pinus) and Speculations on the Evolution of Loxia. 155-158.
Dan A. Tallman, Richard L. Zusi.
The Effect of Burrow Loss on Mate Choice in the Leach's Storm-Petrel. 158-160.
Douglass H. Morse, Stephen W. Kress.
Observations on the Cooling Tolerance of Embryos of the Diving Petrel Pelecanoides Georgicus. 160-161.
Daniel D. Roby, Robert E. Ricklefs.
Light-Breasted Purple Martins Dominate Dark-Breasted Birds in a Roost: Implications For Female Mimicry. 162-164.
Charles R. Brown.
Dietary Sulfur Amino Acid Availability and Molt Dynamics in White-Crowned Sparrows. 164-167.
Mary E. Murphy, James R. King.
Fault Bars in the Feathers of White-Crowned Sparrows: Dietary Deficiency or Stress of Captivity and Handling?. 168-169.
James R. King, Mary E. Murphy.
Molecular Population Genetics of Tufted and Black-Crested Forms of Parus Bicolor. 170-173.
David Braun, G. B. Kitto, M. J. Braun.
Feather Pulp: A Non-Destructive Sampling Technique For Electrophoretic Studies of Birds. 173-175.
J. Ellen Marsden, Bernie May.
Food-Niche Relationships Between Great Horned Owls and Common Barn-Owls in Eastern Washington. 175-179.
Richard L. Knight, Ronald E. Jackman.
Broodedness in Bobolinks. 179-181.
Thomas A. Gavin.
Plumage Wettability of Aquatic Birds. 181-185.
Sheila A. Mahoney.
First Record of the Red Phalarope From the Philippines. 185.
E. William Wischusen, Robert S. Kennedy, Stepfien E. Gast.
Notes on the Behavior of Ramphotrigon Flycatchers. 186-188.
Theodore A. Parker, Iii.
The Dwarf Tinamou (Taoniscus Nanus) of Central Brazil. 188-189.
Dante Martins Teixeira, Alvaro Negret.
A Re-Analysis of Hybridization Between Mallards and Grey Ducks in New Zealand. 190-191.
Malcolm Haddon.
Breeding Record For the Sooty Shearwater (Puffinus Griseus) From Chiloe Island, Chile. 192.
Manuel Marin A.
Avian Methods of Feeding on Bursera Simaruba (Burseraceae) Fruits in Panama. 193-195.
Jill M. Trainer, Tom C. Will.
Evidence of Aggressive Behavior in Female Blue Grouse. 195-196.
Richard A. Lewis.
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