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The Auk, Volume 92, Number 2 (1975)

2 (April)


Probable Common X Roseate Tern Hybrids. 219-234.
Helen Hays.
Savannah Sparrow Breeding and Territoriality on a Nova Scotia Dune Beach. 235-251.
Daniel A. Welsh.
In Memoriam: Amelia Rudolph Laskey. 252-259.
Katherine A. Goodpasture.
Feeding Ecology of Three Resident Sympatric Sparrows in Eastern Texas. 260-269.
Pierre N. Allaire, Charles D. Fisher.
Reproductive Ecology of the Western Gull: the Importance of Nest Spacing. 270-279.
George L. Hunt, Jr., Molly W. Hunt.
Ecological Studies of the Auckland Islands Flightless Teal. 280-297.
Milton W. Weller.
Some Winter and Nesting Season Foods of the Common Raven in Virginia. 298-306.
Richard F. Harlow, Robert G. Hooper, Dwight R. Chamberlain, Hewlette S. Crawford.
Birds of a Highland Clearing in Cundinamarca, Colombia. 307-321.
James Munves.
Breeding Biology of the Indian Ring Dove in the Rajasthan Desert. 322-332.
B. D. Rana.
The Communication of Intraspecific Aggression in the Common Loon. 333-346.
Lynda Rummel, Charles Goetzinger.
Proceedings of the Ninety-Second Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 347-368.
George E. Watson.
Reviews. 396-408.
Foreign Periodical Literature. 409-427.
Obituary. 427.
Letter to the Editor. 428.
Errata and Addenda. 428.
Notes and News. 428-431.

General Notes

Longevity Records for Ring-Billed Gulls. 369.
William E. Southern.
Abnormal Anous Stolidus From Christmas Island, Pacific Ocean. 369-370.
Ralph W. Schreiber.
Agapornis Fischeri Reichenow in Kenya?. 370-371.
G. R. Cunningham-Van Someren.
Orientation of Entrances to Woodpecker Nest Cavities. 371-374.
Richard N. Conner.
An Evaluation of the Supposed Anhinga of Mauritius. 374-376.
Storrs L. Olson.
On the Function of the Posterior Iliotrochantericus Muscle in Young Whistling Ducks (Dendrocygna Autumnalis). 376-377.
M. K. Rylander.
Eggs of Other Species in Great Horned Owl Nests. 377-378.
C. Stuart Houston, D. W. A. Whitfield.
Heron Expansion in the Atacama Desert. 378-380.
Robert W. Mcfarlane.
Variation in the Everglade Kite. 380-382.
Dean Amadon.
Food Storage and Winter Territory in Red-Headed Woodpeckers in Northwestern Louisiana. 382-385.
Michael H. Macroberts.
Bill Size, Food Size, and Jaw Forces of Insectivorous Birds. 385-387.
Roger J. Lederer.
Mexican Crow Invades South Texas. 387-390.
John Arvin, Jimmie Arvin, Clarence Cottam, George Unland.
Late Winter Bird Populations in Subarctic Taiga Forest Near Fairbanks, Alaska. 390-393.
Thomas M. Kron.
Arctic Loon Checking" Nest". 393-394.
Martin K. Mcnicholl.
First Record of the Greater Shearwater From the Gulf of Mexico. 394-395.
Keith A. Arnold.
A New Prey-Pursuit Behavior by White-Tailed Kites. 395.
Bruce C. Thompson.
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