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The Auk, Volume 77, Number 4 (1960)

Publication Information
4 (October)


Autumnal Breeding in the Tricolored Blackbird. 379-398.
Gordon H. Orians.
A History of the Passenger Pigeon in Missouri. 399-420.
Daniel Mckinley.
The Spread of the Cattle Egret in the United States. 421-424.
David E. Davis.
An Attempt to Establish a Colony of Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. 425-432.
Robert A. Mccabe, James B. Hale.
Analysis of Syllable Structure in Songs of the Brown Towhee. 433-444.
P. Marler, D. Isaac.
Weights of Massachusetts Quail and Comparisons With Other Geographic Samples for Taxonomic Significance. 445-447.
Thomas H. Ripley.
Races of the Short-Tailed Hawk, Buteo Brachyurus. 448-459.
A. L. Rand.
Autumn Weights of Blue Geese (Chen Caerulescens). 460-465.
F. G. Cooch, G. M. Stirrett, G. F. Boyer.
Penguin Tracks Far Inland in the Antarctic. 466-469.
W. J. L. Sladen, N. A. Ostenso.
Reviews. 479-482.
Recent Literature. 483-498.
Notes and News. 499.
Obituaries. 500.
Index to Volume 77. 501-515.

General Notes

Violet-Crowned Hummingbird Nesting in Arizona and New Mexico. 470-471.
Dale A. Zimmerman, Seymour H. Levy.
A Skeltal Teratism in Neonatal Red-Winged Blackbirds. 471-472.
David Kenneth Wetherbee.
Red-Eyed Cowbird Parasitizes Song Sparrow and Mexican Cacique. 472-473.
Robert W. Dickerman.
The Black Noddy At Los Roques, Venezuela. 473-474.
James Bond, S. Dillon Ripley.
Eighteenth-Century Observation of Flight of Passenger (?) Pigeons Over New York City. 474-475.
Constance D. Sherman.
Cattle Egrets on the Dry Tortugas. 475.
Ira Joel Abramson.
Clay-Colored Robin in Texas. 475-476.
Pauline James.
Canada Geese Nesting on a Beaver Lodge. 476.
Fred J. Brenner.
Great Black-Backed Gulls Killing Dovekies. 476-477.
Dorothy E. Snyder.
Starlings Fed by Purple Martins. 477.
Willet T. Van Velzen.
Foot-Quivering by Foraging Hermit Thrushes. 477-478.
Hervey Brackbill.
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