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The Auk, Volume 76, Number 3 (1959)

3 (July)


The Status of Avian Systematics and its Unsolved Problems. 269-280.
Erwin Stresemann.
Life History of the Groove-Billed Ani. 281-317.
Alexander F. Skutch.
Miscellaneous Items. 317-384.
On the Breeding Distribution Pattern of North American Migrant Birds. 318-325.
Robert H. Mac Arthur.
Hybridization in the Rufous-Sided Towhees of the Great Plains. 326-338.
Charles G. Sibley, David A. West.
Head-Scratching Movements in Birds. 339-342.
Margaret M. Nice, W. E. Schantz.
Differential Responses of Male Ovenbirds to Recorded Songs of Neighboring and More Distant Individuals. 343-351.
Judith Stenger Weeden, J. Bruce Falls.
Additional Invertebrate Nest Associates of the Prairie Warbler. 352-357.
Val Nolan Jr.
Reviews. 369-372.
Recent Literature. 373-384.

General Notes

Earlier Photographic Records of the Common Crane (Grus Grus) for North America--In Alberta, Canada. 358.
William Wishart, Fred Sharp.
Nesting of the Lesser Swallow-Tailed Swift, Panyptila Cayennensis, in Guatemala. 358-359.
Ernest P. Edwards.
Cattle Egret in Haiti. 359.
Oscar T. Owre.
Cattle Egret (Bubulcus Ibis) on Cozumel Island, Quintana Roo, Mexico. 359-360.
Reginald Denham.
The Wing Molt and Systematic Position of the Genus Gampsonyx. 360-361.
Vesta Stresemann.
Reverse Mounting in Red-Bellied Woodpeckers. 361.
Doris C. Hauser.
Black-Backed Three-Toed Woodpecker in Central Pennsylvania. 361.
Merrill Wood.
Leaf Pulling by the Purple Martin. 362.
Gilbert S. Raynor.
Sprague's Pipit and Smith'S Longspur in Ohio. 362-363.
Jay M. Sheppard.
Occurrence of Pink Coloration in Adult Female Purple Finches. 363-364.
John H. Kennard, M. D.
The First Record of Harris' Sparrow, Zonotrichia Querula (Nuttall), From Alaska. 364-365.
M. T. Myres.
Another Collection From Zacatecas, Mexico. 365-367.
J. Dan Webster.
Cowbird Parasitizes Nest Containing Young. 367-368.
Russell E. Mumford.
Living Nematodes Within Hen's Eggs. 368.
Kenneth C. Parkes.
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