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The Auk, Volume 74, Number 4 (1957)

Publication Information
4 (October)


The Avifauna of the Tres Marias Islands, Mexico. 413-432.
Kenneth E. Stager.
Notes on the Courtship Behavior of the King Rail. 433-440.
Brooke Meanley.
The Beard of the Wild Turkey. 441-446.
A. W. Schorger.
Analysis of Mass Bird Mortality In October, 1954. 447-458.
David W. Johnston, T. P. Haines.
Food and Feeding Habits of the Scaups In Connecticut Waters. 459-468.
John M. Cronan, Jr.
Field Observations Pertaining To the Systematic Status of the Great White Heron In the Florida Keys. 469-478.
Andrew J. Meyerriecks.
The Function of M. Depressor Caudae and M. Caudofemoralis In Pigeons. 479-486.
Harvey I. Fisher.
Radioiodine: a Method For Measuring Thyroid Activity. 487-493.
Barbara A. Fink.
Reviews. 512-515.
Recent Literature. 516-533.
Notes and News. 534.
Obituary. 535-536.
Index To Volume 74. 537-554.

General Notes

Observations on Gnatcatcher Range Extension. 494-496.
George E. Grube.
Incubation Period of the Sora Rail. 496.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw.
The Rediscovery of Tangavius Armenti (Cabanis). 497-498.
Herbert Friedmann.
Great Black-Backed Gull (Larus Marinus). 498.
Stanley Cobb.
The Juvenal Plumages of the Finch Genera Atlapetes and Pipilo. 499-502.
Kenneth C. Parkes.
Transplantation of a Shrike Pair. 502.
Frances Hamerstrom.
Lanius Ludovicianus Miamensis Bishop, a Valid Race from Southern Florida. 503-505.
A. L. Rand.
The Bahaman Nighthawk (Chordeiles Minor Vicinus) on the Florida Keys. 505-507.
Donald J. Nicholson.
The Hybrid Origin of Chlorophanes Purpurascens. 507.
Robert W. Storer.
The Yellow-Headed Turkey Vulture In Surinam. 508.
F. Haverschmidt.
Eastern Glossy Ibis Nesting In Southeastern Maryland. 509.
Robert E. Stewart.
Unusual Flight Behavior of Blue and Snow Geese. 509.
Ronald F. Labisky.
Records of Longevity In Canada Geese. 510.
Clayton H. Douville, Charles E. Friley, Jr.
Touit Huetii (Temminck) from Brazil. 510-511.
Helmut Sick.
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