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The Auk, Volume 72, Number 4 (1955)

4 (October)


Notes on the Life History of Todirostrum Maculatum In Surinam. 325-331.
F. Haverschmidt.
In Memoriam: Arthur Cleveland Bent. 332-339.
Wendell Taber.
On the Hearing of Birds. 340-347.
Johann Schwartzkopff.
Notes on a Fall Migration At Matinicus Rock, Maine. 348-354.
Rosario Mazzeo.
Homing Flights and Orientation of Pigeons. 355-373.
Harold B. Hitchcock.
Censusing Southern Michigan Sandhill Cranes. 374-384.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw, Harold F. Wing.
Seasonal Changes In the Energy Balance of the English Sparrow. 385-411.
Earle A. Davis, Jr.
Reviews. 432-433.
Recent Literature. 434-447.
Obituaries. 448.
Index To Volume 72. 449-468.

General Notes

Reappearance of Newell's Shearwater In Hawaii. 412.
Frank Richardson.
A New Form of Corapipo from Cerro Marahuaca, Amazonas, Venezuela. 412-413.
Ventura Barn.
The Behavior of Birds Under Stress. 413-414.
Alexander W. Blain.
Evidence For Iron Staining As the Cause of Rusty Discoloration of Normally White Feathers In Anserine Birds. 414.
E. O. H.
Flight Behavior of the Procellariiformes. 415-420.
John G. Erickson.
The Generic Allocation of the Green-Tailed Towhee. 420-423.
Charles G. Sibley.
A Hybrid Longspur from Saskatchewan. 423-425.
Charles G. Sibley, Olin Sewall Pettingill, Jr.
Cattle Egret, Marbled Godwit, Surfbird and Brown-Chested Martin In Panama. 426-428.
Eugene Eisenmann.
Further Notes on Korean Birds. 428-431.
J. T. Moyer.
Pintails Harassing a Short-Eared Owl. 431.
John G. Erickson.
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