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The Auk, Volume 70, Number 3 (1953)

3 (July)


The Plumage Cycle of the California Gull (Larus Californicus) With Notes on Color Changes of Soft Parts. 239-260.
William H. Behle, Robert K. Selander.
Nesting of the King Rail In the Arkansas Rice Fields. 261-269.
Brooke Meanley.
A Phylogeny of the Oscines. 270-333.
William J. Beecher.
The Systematic Position of the Genera Ramphocaenus and Microbates. 334-337.
A. L. Rand, Melvin A. Traylor, Jr.
Autumnal Migrants on the Campeche Bank. 338-349.
Raymond A. Paynter, Jr.
Seasonal Variation In Testis-Stimulating Activity of Male Pheasant Pituitary Glands. 350-358.
Frederick Greeley, Roland K. Meyer.
Twenty-Eighth Supplement To the American Ornithologists' Union Check-List of North American Birds. 359-361.
Notes and News. 374-376.
Recent Literature. 377-399.
Obituaries. 400-402.

General Notes

What Bird Lays Black Eggs?. 362-363.
Eugene Eisenmann.
Occurrence of an African Cattle Egret (Ardeola Ibis Ibis) In Massachusetts. 364-365.
William H. Drury Jr., Allen H. Morgan, Richard Stackpole.
White-Winged Scoter Nesting Record In North Dakota. 366.
Howard S. Huenecke.
Foraging Activities of the Snowy Owl (Nyctea Scandiaca) During a Period of Low Lemming Population. 366-367.
Ira L. Wiggins.
Analysis of the Call of the Whip-Poor-Will. 367-368.
Stanley Mulaik, Willis Lee, Jerry E. Stillwell.
The Nest of the Long-Billed Gnatwren (Ramphocaenus Rufiventris). 368-369.
Eugene Eisenmann.
Notes on the Yellow Warbler In Surinam. 369-370.
F. Haverschmidt.
Recent Increase of the English Sparrow (Passer Domesticus) In State of Veracruz, Mexico. 370.
Frederick W. Loetscher, Jr.
Further Taxonomic Notes on the White-Crowned Sparrow. 370-372.
W. E. Clyde Todd.
The Application of the Name Emberiza Leucophrys Forster. 372-373.
Alexander Wetmore.
Wing Claws In the White-Necked Crow (Corvus Leucognaphalus). 373.
Julian J. Baumel.
Fishing By the Common Crow (Corvus Brachyrhynchos). 373.
David C. Hulse, Thomas Z. Atkeson.
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