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Terrestrial Vertebrates of Tidal Marshes: Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation

Russell Greenberg, Jesus E. Maldonado, Sam Droege, and Victoria McDonald, Associate Editors
Studies in Avian Biology
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List of Authors, v
Foreward, 1
David Challinor


Tidal Marshes: Home for the Few and the Highly Selected, 2-9
Russell Greenberg

Biogeography and Evolution of Tidal-March Faunas

The Quaternary Geography and Biogeography of Tidal Saltmarshes, 11-31
Karl P. Malamud-Roam, Frances P. Malamud-Roam, Elizabeth B. Watson, Joshua N. Collins, B. Lynn Ingram
Diversity and Endeminsm in Tidal-Marsh Vertebrates, 32-53
Russell Greenberg, Jesús E. Maldonado
Evolution and Conservation of Tidal-Marsh Vertebrates - Molecular Approaches, 54-75
Yvonne L. Chan, Christopher E. Hill, Jesús E. Maldonado, Robert C. Fleischer

Adaptation to Tidal Marshes

Avian Nesting Response to Tidal-Marsh Flooding: Literature Review and a Case for Adaptation in the Red-Winged Blackbird, 77-95
Steven E. Reinert
Flooding and Predation: Trade-Offs in the Nesting Ecology of Tidal-Marsh Sparrows, 96-109
Russell Greenberg, Christopher Elphick, J. Cully Nordby, Carina Gjerdrum, Hildie Spautz, Gregory Shriver, Barbara Schmeling, Brian Olsen, Peter Marra, Nadav Nur, Maiken Winter
Osmoregulatory Biology of Saltmarsh Passerines, 110-118
David L. Goldstein
Social Behavior of North American Tidal-Marsh Vertebrates, 119-129
M. Victoria McDonald, Russell Greenberg
Trophic Adaptations in Sparrows and Other Vertebrates of Tidal Marshes, 130-139
J. Letitia Grenier, Russell Greenberg

Regional Studies

Breeding Birds of Northeast Saltmarshes: Habitat Use and Conservation, 141-154
Alan R. Hanson, W. Gregory Shriver
Impacts of Marsh Management on Coastal-Marsh Bird Habitats, 155-175
Laura R. Mitchell, Steven Gabrey, Peter P. Marra, R. Michael Erwin
Environmental Threats to Tidal-Marsh Vertebrates of the San Francisco Bay Estuary, 176-197
John Y. Takekawa, Isa Woo, Hildie Spautz, Nadav Nur, J. Leticia Grenier, Karl Malamud-Roam, J. Cully Nordby, Andrew N. Cohen, Frances Malamud-Roam, Susan E. Wainwright-De la Cruz
Are Southern California’s Fragmented Salt Marshes Capable of Sustaining Endemic Bird Populations?, 198-204
Abby N. Powell

Conservation Biology

The Diamondback Terrapin: The Biology, Ecology, Cultural History, and Conservation Status of Obligate Estuarine Turtle, 206-213
Kristen M. Hart, David S. Lee
High Tides and Rising Seas: Potential Effects on Estuarine Waterbirds, 214-228
R. Michael Erwin, Geoffrey M. Sanders, Diann J. Prosser, Donald R. Cahoon
The Impact of Invasive Plants on Tidal-Marsh Vertebrate Species Common Reed Phragmites Australis and Smooth Cordgrass Spartina Alterniflora as Case Studies, 229-237
Glenn R. Guntenspergen, J. Cully Nordby
Tidal Saltmarsh Fragmentation and Persistence of San Pablo Song Sparrows Melospiza Melodia Samuelis Assessing Benefits of Wetlan Restoration in San Francisco Bay, 238-246
John Y. Takekawa, Benjamin N. Sacks, Isa Woo, Michael L. Johnson, Glenn D. Wylie
Multiple-Scale Habitat Relationships of Tidal-Marsh Breeding Birds in the San Francisco Bay Estuary, 247-269
Hildie Spautz, Nadav Nur, Diana Stralberg, Yvonne Chan
The Clapper Rail as an Indicator Species of Estuarine-Marsh Health, 270-281
James M. Novak, Karen F. Gaines, James C. Cumbee, Jr., Gary L. Mills, Alejandro Rodriguez-Navarro, Christopher S. Romanek
A Unified Strategy for Monitoring Changes in Abundance of Birds Associated with North American Tidal Marshes, 282-297
Courtney J. Conway, Sam Droege
An Agenda for Research on the Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation of Tidal-Marsh Vertebrates, 298-299
The Symposium Contributors

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Literature Cited, 300-339
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