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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Volume 81 (1996)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Minutes of the 1996 WSG Annual General Meeting, Belgium. 1-2.
1996 WSG Annual Conference, Belgium. 3.
A Legal Status and a Revised Constitution for Wsg. 4-7.
Notes and News. 8-11.
Robin M. Ward, Lys B. Muirhead
Recent Publications on Waders 67. 12-17.
Henk Koffijberg
New Arrangements for the WSG Colour-Marking Register. 17.
WSG Colour-Marking Register - Untraceable Sightings, June 1995 to October 1996. 17-19.
Winter 1997/98 European Non-Estuarine Coastal Waterfowl Survey News Update. 20.
Reviews. 20-24.
Sir William Wilkinson 1932-1996. 25-29.
Wader Study Group Membership List As at October 1996. 30-37.
1995 Wader Ringing Totals. 38-41.
Robin M. Ward

African-Eurasian Flyways

Origin and Movements of Grey Plovers Pluvialis Squatarola Ringed in Germany. 42-45.
Klaus-Michael Exo, Svea Wahls
Management of Avocet Breeding Islands. 46-49.
H. Castro Nogueira, E. Lopez Carrique, J. S. Guirado Romero, J. C. Nevado Ariza, P. A. Aguilera
An Update on Wintering Waders in Coastal Italy. 50-54.
Nicola Baccetti, Giuseppe Cherubini, Lorenzo Serra, Paolo Utmar, Marco Zenatello
Pre- and Non-Breeding Biology of Dotterel Charadrius Morinellus on Varriotunturi Fell Area, Ne Finland. 54-58.
Erkki Pulliainen, Lennart Saari
The Effects of Agricultural Intensification Upon Pastoral Birds: Lowland Wet Grasslands the Netherlands and Transhumance Spain. 59-65.
Debbie Pain, Euan Dunn
Status and Distribution of Redshanks Tringa Totanus Breeding Along Mediterranean Coasts. 66-70.
Roberto Valle, Francesco Scarton
Looking for the Recent Breeding Grounds of Slender-Billed Curlew: a Habitat-Based Approach. 71-78.
Alla K. Danilenko, Gerard C. Boere, Elena A. Lebedeva
Observation of a Slender-Billed Curlew Numenius Tenuirostris in West Siberia. 79.
Georg W. Bojko, Eugenius Nowak

Asian-Pacific Flyways

A Third Report on the Biology of the Great Knot Calidris Tenuirostris on the Breeding Grounds. 88-90.
Pavel Tomkovich

Western Hemisphere Flyways

New Data on Breeding Wilsons Plovers Charadrius Wilsonia in Brazil. 80-81.
Antonio Rodrigues, David Oren, Ana Lopes
Variability in Day and Night Feeding Habitat Use in the Willet Catoptrophorus Semipalmatus During the Non-Breeding Season in Northeastern Venezuela. 82-87.
Ghislain Rompre, Raymond Mcneil

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