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American Birds, Volume 46, Number 5 (1992)

American Birds
5 (Winter)


American Birds Winter Guide January-March 1993. 1068-1070.
Overview. 1072-1077.
Birding for Fun. 1078-1081.
Paul R. Ehrlich
Facts, Inferences and Shameless SpeculationsAvian CoevolutionScience Blindsided. 1082-1083.
J. P. Myers
The Hooded Pitohui's Poisonous Secret. 1084-1087.
Christopher Hallowell
Birders of Winter. 1090-1095.
Elizabeth Pennisi
Chronicle of a Year on Long Island. 1096-1099.
Dennis Puleston
Murphy's Petrels on Ducie Atoll: another Piece of the Puzzle. 1100-1105.
Kevin J. Zimmer
Die-off of Brown Pelicans in Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. 1106-1108.
Ernest H. Williams, Jr., Lucy Bunkley-Williams, IVÁN LÓPez-Irizarry
The Changing Seasons Summer 1992. 1109-1111.
Scott Terrill, Kenneth P. Able, Michael A. Patten
The Summer Season June 1-July 31, 1992. 1113-1182.
Moments in HistoryAvian CoevolutionScience BlindsidedHow the Evening Grosbeak Got Its Name. 1184-1186.
John Farrand, Jr.
The Practiced Eye. 1187-1190.
Kenn Kaufman
American Birding. 1191-1193.
Pete Dunne
Pictorial Highlights Summer 1992. 1194-1196.
Birders' Bookshelf. 1197.
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