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American Birds, Volume 41, Number 2 (1987)

American Birds
2 (Summer)


The Practiced Eye. 184-188.
Kenn Kaufman
The Old Northeastern subspecies of Red Crossbill. 189-194.
Robert W. Dickerman
Common Black-headed Gulls on Petit Manan Island, Maine. 195-196.
Matthew P. Drennan, David C. Folger, Charles Treyball
The status of the Common Black-headed Gull in Newfoundland and Labrador. 197-203.
W. A. Montevecchi, D. K. Cairns, A. E. Burger, R. D. Elliot, J. Wells
Wetlands and waterbird conservation. 204-209.
Marshall A. Howe
Regional Reports Pictorial Highlights Winter 1986-1987. 210-212.
Field identification of smaller sandpipers within the genus Calidris. 213-236.
Richard R. Veit, Lars Jonsson
Back to Birding. 237-245.
Paul R. Ehrlich
The Peregrine Falcons of Paul Donahue. 246-247.
The Changing Seasons. 248-252.
Eirik Blom
The Winter Season December 1, 1986-February 28, 1987. 253-335.
Birders' Bookshelf. 336-340.
Announcements. 343-345.
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