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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 36, Number 4 (2002)

Journal of Raptor Research
4 (December)


Foraging Ecology of Nesting Bald Eagles in Arizona. 245-255.
W. Grainger Hunt, Ronald E. Jackman, Daniel E. Driscoll, Edward W. Bianchi.
Vernal Migration of Bald Eagles from a Southern Colorado Wintering Area. 256-264.
Alan R. Harmata.
Does Northern Goshawk Breeding Occupancy Vary With Nest-Stand Characteristics on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington? 265-279.
Sean P. Finn, Daniel E. Varland, John M. Marzluff.
Subordinate Males Sire Offspring in Madagascar Fish-Eagle (Haliaeetus Vociferoides) Polyandrous Breeding Groups. 280-286.
Ruth E. Tingay, Melanie Culver, Eric M. Hallerman, James D. Eraser, Richard T. Watson.
Nesting and Perching Habitat Use of the Madagascar Fish-Eagle. 287-293.
James Berkelman, James D. Fraser, Richard T. Watson.
Use of Vegetative Structure by Powerful Owls in Outer Urban Melbourne, Victoria, Australia-Implications for Management. 294-299.
Raylene Cooke, Robert Wallis, John White.
Nest-Site Selection of the Crowned Hawk-Eagle in the Forests of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, and Tai, Ivory Coast. 300-308.
Gerard Malan, Susanne Shultz.


Juvenile Dispersal of Madagascar Fish-Eagles Tracked by Satellite Telemetry. 309-314.
Simon Rafanomezantsoa, Richard T. Watson, Russell Thorstrom.
Prey of the Peregrine Falcon (Falco Peregrinus Cassini) in Southern Argentina and Chile. 315-319.
David H. Ellis, Beth Ann Sabo, James K. Fackler, Brian A. Millsap.
An Elevated Net Assembly to Capture Nesting Raptors. 320-323.
Eugene A. Jacobs, Glenn A. Proudfoots.
Florida Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus Leucocephalus) Egg Characteristics. 324-327.
M. Alan Jenkins, Steve K. Sherrod, David A. Wiedenfeld, Donald H. Wolfe, Jr.
Osprey Ecology in the Mangroves of Southeastern Brazil. 328-331.
Robson Silva E Silva, Fabio Olmos.
Diet of Breeding Tropical Screech-Owls (Otus Choliba) in Southeastern Brazil. 332-334.
Jose Carlos Motta-Junior.


Comments on the First Nesting Record of the Nest of a Slaty-Backed Forest-Falcon (Micrastur Mirandollei) in the Ecuadorian Amazon. 335-336.
Micrastur or Accipiter, that is the Question. 337.
Book Reviews. 338-339.
Information for Contributors. 340-343.
Index to Volume 36. 344-350.
Kristina Baker.

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