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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 35, Number 2 (2001)

Journal of Raptor Research
2 (June)


The Influence of Weather on Golden Eagle Migration in Northwestern Montana. 81-90.
Richard E. Yates, B. Riley Mcclelland, Patricia T. Mcclelland, Carl H. Key, Robert E. Bennetts
Foraging Habitats of Steller's Sea-Eagles During the Wintering Season in Hokkaido, Japan. 91-97
Saiko Shiraki
Fidelity to Territory, Nest Site and Mate, Survivorship, and Reproduction of Two Sympatric Forest-Falcons. 98-106
Russell Thorstrom, Cristobal M. Morales, Jose D. Ramos
Owl Occurrence and Calling Behavior in a Tropical Rain Forest. 107-114
Paula L. Enriquez Rocha, J. Luis Rangel-Salazar
Predation on Mexican Free-Tailed Bats by Peregrine Falcons and Red-Tailed Hawks. 115-123
Ya-Fu Lee, Yen-Min Kuo
Distribution of Wintering Ferruginous Hawks (Buteo Regalis) in Relation to Black-Tailed Prairie Dog (Cynomys Ludovicianus) Colonies in Southern New Mexico and Northern Chihuahua. 124-129
Jason M. Bak, Kenneth G. Boykin, Bruce C. Thompson, David L. Daniel
Distribution, Abundance, and Habitat Use of Singing Male Boreal Owls in Northeast Minnesota. 130-140
William H. Lane, David E. Andersen, Thomas H. Nicholls
Spatial and Temporal Variation in Diets of Spotted Owls in Washington. 141-150
Eric D. Forsman, Ivy A. Otto, Stan G. Sovern, Margaret Taylor, David W. Hays, Harriet Allen, Susan L. Roberts, D. Erran Seaman
The Conservation Status of Raptors in the Metropolitan Region, Chile. 151-158
Fabian M. Jaksic, Eduardo F. Pavez, Jaime E. Jimenez, Juan C. Torres-Mura


Identification of Ectoparasites on Burrowing Owls in Southwestern Idaho. 159-161
Brian W. Smith, James R. Belthoff
Communal Roosting and Diet of Black-Shouldered Kites (Elanus Caeruleus) Wintering in Southwestern Spain. 162-164
Deseada Parejo, Jesus M. Aviles, Juan J. Ferrero, Domingo Rivera, Jose M. Casas
Roost-Site Characteristics of Mexican Spotted Owls in Sierra Fria, Aguascalentes, Mexico. 165-168
Luis A. Tarango, Raul Valdez, Fernando Clemente, German Mendoza


A Brood of Five Swainson's Hawks in Southwestern Idaho. 169
First Nest Records of the White-Throated Hawk (Buteo Albigula) in Argentina. 169-170
Book Reviews. 171-172

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