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The Condor, Volume 82, Number 3 (1980)



Territoriality and Flocking By Buff-Breasted Sandpipers: Variations in Non-Breeding Dispersion. 241-250.
J. P. Myers.
Recent Publications. 250-334.
Colony and Nest Site Selection in Laughing Gulls in Response to Tidal Flooding. 251-258.
Joanna Burger, Joseph Shisler.
Stereotypy of Some Parameters of Red-Winged Blackbird Song. 259-266.
Douglas G. Smith, Fiona A. Reid, Candace B. Breen.
Geographical Variation in Song and Song Dialects of Montane White-Crowned Sparrows. 267-284.
Luis F. Baptista, James R. King.
Changes with Time in the Songs of a Population of Chaffinches. 285-290.
S. A. Ince, F. J. B. Slater, C. Weissmann.
Demand Behavior: A New Interpretation of Courtship Feeding. 291-295.
Susan M. Smith.
Seasonal Aspects of the Predatory Behavior of Loggerhead Shrikes. 296-300.
Michael L. Morrison.
Identification and Status of Wood Pewees (Contopus) From the Great Plains: What Are Sibling Species?. 301-308.
James D. Rising, Frederick W. Schueler.
A Variable Circular-Plot Method for Estimating Bird Numbers. 309-313.
R. T. Reynolds, J. M. Scott, R. A. Nussbaum.
Olfactory Guidance in Foraging By Procellariiforms. 314-319.
Larry V. Hutchison , Bernice W. Wenzel.
The Behavioral Ecology of Breeding American Coots in Relation to Age. 320-327.
Mark R. Ryan, James J. Dinsmore.
Is the Incubation Patch Required for the Construction of a Normal Nest?. 328-334.
Michael D. Kern, Annabella Bushra.
Calories, Water, Lipid, and Yolk in Avian Eggs. 335-343.
Cynthia Carey, Hermann Rahn, Phyllis Parisi.
News and Notes. 353-355.
The Bulletin Board. 355.

Short Communications

Enormous Concentration of Martins (Progne Spp.) in Iquitos, Peru. 344-345.
David C. Oren.
Variation in Peent Calls of American Woodcock. 345-347.
Donald W. Thomas, T. G. Dilworth.
Cowbird Parasitism of Marsh-Nesting Red-Winged Blackbirds. 347-348.
Charles F. Facemire.
Mixed Flocks, Accipiters, and Antipredator Behavior. 348-349.
Philip Gaddis.
Some Unusual Records for the Peregrine and Pallid Falcons in South America. 350-351.
David H. Ellis, Richard L. Glinski.
Apparent Replacement Clutch Laid By Wild California Condor. 351-352.
Ed N. Harrison, Lloyd F. Kiff.
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