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The Condor, Volume 68, Number 3 (1966)

3 (May-June)


The Adaptive Basis of Geographic Variation in Color of the Purple Martin. 219-228.
Richard F. Johnston.
Airplane-Albatross Collisions on Midway Atoll. 229-242.
Harvey I. Fisher.
Water Requirements of the Ground Dove. 243-248.
Ernest J. Willoughby.
Late Breeding on the Tres Marias Islands. 249-252.
P. R. Grant.
Evaporative Cooling in the Poor-Will and the Tawny Frogmouth. 253-262.
Robert C. Lasiewski, George A. Bartholomew.
Avian Plumages and Molts. 263-278.
Dean Amadon.
Status of the White Pelican in the United States and Canada Through 1964. 279-292.
Michael F. Lies, William H. Behle.
The Thigh Musculature of Three Species of Scolopacidae. 293-298.
Theodore H. Fleming.
News and Notes. 311.
Birds of Colorado. 312.
Alfred M. Bailey, Richard J. Niedrich.
Price List of Publications Issued By the Cooper Ornithological Society. 313.

Short Communications

The Boreal Owl as a Pleistocene Relict in Colorado. 299-300.
Paul H. Baldwin, James R. Koplin.
Curlew Sandpiper in Ontario. 300-301.
Robert F. Andrie, Harold H. Axtell.
First Specimens of Buteo Albicaudatus and Chordeiles Minor in Uruguay. 301.
Juan Cuello.
An Unusually Long Incubation Period of the Mallard. 301.
Richard J. Wheeler.
Range Extensions and Additional Notes on the Birds of Alaska's Arctic Slope. 302-304.
George C. West, Clayton M. White.
Survival in the Wild of Hand-Reared Passerine Birds. 304-305.
Andrew J. Berger.
New and Unusual Bird Records From Utah. 305-306.
C. Lynn Hayward.
The Flight Song Display of Two Taxa of Vermilion Flycatcher, Genus Pyrocephalus. 306-307.
Paul De Benedictis.
Cedar Waxwing Nesting in Southern California. 307-308.
Eleanor A. Pugh.
Nesting Activities of Black-Backed Woodpeckers. 308-310.
Lawrence Kitham.
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