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The Condor, Volume 63, Number 5 (1961)

5 (September-October)


Intergeneric Hybrids in the Family Pipridae. 345-350.
Kenneth C. Parkes.
Reproductive Cycle of the Mallard Duck. 351-364.
Oscar W. Johnson.
Pterylosis of the Mallard Duck. 365-385.
Philip S. Humphrey, George A. Clark, Jr..
Population Movements of Birds. 386-389.
Richard F. Johnston.
The Breeding Cycle of the Yellow-Bellied Seedeater in Panama. 390-398.
Cora C. Alderton.
Birds From the Miocene of Sharktooth Hill, California. 399-402.
Loye Miller.
Lipids in the Locomotor Muscles of Birds. 403-409.
Frank A. Hartman, Katherine A. Brownell.
Late Spring Observations on Birds of South Farallon Island, California. 410-416.
Robert I. Bowman.
Notes and News. 420.

From Field and Study

Recent Records of Birds in Korea. 417.
Chester M. Fennell.
Scaled Petrel in Oregon. 417.
William M. Wallace.
First Record of European Skylark on San Juan Island, Washington. 418.
James A. Bruce.
Recent Waterfowl Records for Colorado. 418.
Ronald A. Ryder, Laren A. Roper.
Cassin Finch and Pine Grosbeak in West-Central Kansas. 418-419.
Charles A. Ely.
Prairie Warbler Off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. 419.
Edwin Willis.
The Amur Barn Swallow Off British Columbia. 419.
I. Mct. Cowan, Garry Mct. Cowan.
Turkey Vulture Nesting in Pima County, Arizona. 419.
Wilson C. Hanna.
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