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The Condor, Volume 62, Number 3 (1960)

3 (May-June)


The Marine Peregrines of the Northwest Pacific Coast. 145-189.
Frank L. Beebe.
A Study of the Annual Cycle of the House Sparrow at Various Latitudes. 190-201.
L. T. Threadgold.
First-Year Plumages of the Brown-Headed Cowbird and Redwinged Blackbird. 202-214.
Robert K. Selander, Donald R. Giller.
Notes on the Birds of Colima, Mexico. 215-219.
John Davis.
Notes and News. 224.

From Field and Study

Brown-Capped Rosy Finch Nesting in Buildings. 220.
Donald G. Davis.
Black-Throated Sparrows in South-Central Oregon. 220-221.
Richard Mcp. Brown.
Ground-Level Nest of the Mountain Chickadee. 221.
Marjorie M. Elmore, Dana T. Elmore.
Food Habits of the Horned and Barn Owls. 222.
John D. Cunningham.
Occurrence of the Polymorphic Attila in Sonora, Mexico. 222-223.
James R. Sams.
Correction. 223.
Richard F. Johnston.
Least Grebe on the Coast of Southern California. 223.
Ken Stott, Jr., C. Jackson Selsor.
Imperfect Albinism in a Sandhill Crane. 223.
Joseph R. Murphy.
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