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The Condor, Volume 61, Number 5 (1959)

5 (September-October)


Observations on Salt Balance and Behavior of Laysan and Black-Footed Albatrosses in Captivity. 305-314.
Hubert Frings, Mable Frings.
Premigratory Changes in Body Weight and Fat in Wild and Captive Male White-Crowned Sparrows. 315-324.
James R. King, Donald S. Farner.
Avifauna of the Catemaco Basin of Southern Veracruz, Mexico. 325-337.
Ernest P. Edwards, Richard E. Tashian.
A Condor From the Upper Pliocene of Kansas. 338-343.
Harrison B. Tordoff.
Response to Experimental Light Increments By Andean Sparrows From an Equatorial Area. 344-347.
Alden H. Miller.
Change in Body Weight Associated with Onset of Ovarian Recrudescence and Oviposition in Pheasants. 348-350.
Clarence L. Nagra, Ireven O. Buss.
Habitat Distribution of Birds Breeding Along the Upper Kaolak River, Northern Alaska. 351-368.
William J. Maher.
Notes and News. 375.
Annual Business Meeting of Cooper Ornithological, Society, 1959. 375-376.

From Field and Study

Unusual Bunching" Behavior of Starlings". 369.
Jack P. Hailman.
Cave Swallow Nesting in Building Near Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila, Mexico. 369-370.
Lovie M. Whitaker.
Further Records of the Hudsonian Godwit and Mississippi Kite in New Mexico. 370-371.
John M. Campbell.
Ruby-Crowned Kinglet Feeding on Nectar. 371.
John Mcb. Robertson.
A Late Seasonal Record of the Yellow-Breasted Chat. 371.
J. Delcour.
Bark-Eating of Red-Headed Woodpeckers. 371-373.
Lawrence Kilham.
The Starling Arrives in San Diego, California. 373.
Ken Stott, Jr..
More Observations of the Least Petrel and Pale-Footed Shearwater Off Southern California. 373-374.
Arnold Small.
Brown Thrasher in San Diego, California. 374.
Arthur Morley.
The Eastern Brant at Humboldt Bay, California. 374.
Stuart L. Murrell.
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