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The Condor, Volume 60, Number 6 (1958)

6 (November-December)


Breeding of the Parula Warbler at Point Lobos, California. 345-354.
Laidlaw Williams, Ken Legg, Francis S. L. Williamson.
Age Determination and Molt in the Boat-Tailed Grackle. 355-376.
Robert K. Selander.
Nesting Behavior and Food Habits of Goshawks in the Sierra Nevada of California. 377-403.
Jay H. Scknell.
Cooper Society Meetings. 414.
Notes and News. 414.
Index to Volume 60. 415-424.
Sylvia L. Thomssen.

From Field and Study

A Record of the Laysan Albatross From Southern California. 404-405.
Kenneth E. Stager.
Mourning Dove Breeding in Costa Rica. 405.
E. Eisenmann.
Blue Jay Sitting on Robin Nest in December. 405-406.
Val Nolan, Jr..
Additional Notes on the Purple Martin in Utah. 406.
C. Lynn Hayward.
Some Additions to the Avifauna of Guerrero, Mexico. 407.
Keith L. Dixon, William B. Davis.
Abalones Eaten By Bald Eagles. 407-408.
Albert C. Howbecker.
Indigo Bunting Breeding in Los Angeles County, California. 408.
Don Bleitz.
American Redstart in Santa Barbara County, California. 408.
Charles H. Richardson, Alice I. Richardson.
Diving of a Captive Common Eider. 408-410.
Philip S. Humphrey.
Food of the American Merganser in Unakwik Inlet, Alaska. 410-411.
Lee E. Fritsch, Irven O. Buss.
An Ancient Cormorant From Nevada. 411-413.
Hildegarde Howard.
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