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The Condor, Volume 60, Number 5 (1958)

5 (September-October)


The South American Flamingos. 289-299.
A. W. Johnson, F. Behn, W. R. Millie.
Observations on Oceanic Birds in the Gulf of Panama. 300-302.
C. Richard Robins.
The Trachea of the Hawaiian Goose. 303-307.
Philip S. Humphrey.
Singing Behavior and the Gonad Cycle of the Rufous-Sided Towhee. 308-336.
John Davis.
Notes and News. 342.
Cooper Society Meetings. 342-344.

From Field and Study

Oldsquaw Found at La Jolla, California. 337.
Arthur G. Morley, Jr., James R. Sams.
Harris Sparrow From Humboldt County, California. 337.
Warren J. Houck.
Inland Occurrence of Black Turnstone. 337.
John L. Blackford.
Female Gadwall Returns to Nest Site After Loss of Young. 337-338.
John M. Gates.
Kiskadee Flycatcher in San Jose, California. 338.
H. Thomas Harvey.
Some Prey of the Pygmy Owl. 338.
Elbert M. Brock.
A Range Extension of Meleagris Gallopave Mexicana Into Southwestern New Mexico. 338-339.
Wayne H. Bohl, Sidney Paul Gordon.
On the Distribution of Day's Barbet. 339.
Helmut Sick.
Geographical Variation in the Vocalizations of the Western Meadowlark. 339-341.
Wesley E. Lanyon, William R. Fish.
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