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The Condor, Volume 60, Number 4 (1958)

4 (July-August)


Roosting and Nesting of Aracari Toucans. 201-219.
Alexander F. Skutch.
Effects of Habitat Deterioration on Bird Populations of a Small Utah Marsh. 220-226.
Milton W. Weller, Billy H. Wingfield, Joseph B. Low.
The Occurrence and Distribution of Birds on Middleton Island, Alaska. 227-242.
Robert Rausch.
Observations on the Nightingale Wren in Costa Rica. 243-251.
Paul Stud.
Birds From the Middle Pliocene of Mckay, Oregon. 252-255.
Pierce Brodkorb.
Notes and News. 261.
Cooper Society Meetings. 261.
Membership Directory. 262-288.

From Field and Study

Use of Nest Boxed By Wood Ducks in the San Josquin Valley, California. 256-257.
Richard H. Robinson.
An Osprey in Mideastern Pacific Ocean. 257-258.
Kenneth E. Steger.
Pomarine Jaeger From the Interior of Texas. 258.
Walter W. Dalquest.
The Odor of the Crested Auklet. 258-259.
Philip S. Humphrey, Richard E. Phillips.
A Record of the White-Headed Marsh Tyrant From the State of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil. 259.
Bernard Feinstein.
The Nest and Eggs of the White-Throated Flycatcher. 259-260.
Robert W. Dickerman.
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