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The Condor, Volume 59, Number 4 (1957)

4 (July-August)


Life History of the Amazon Kingfisher. 217-229.
Alexander F. Skutch.
The Status of the Chachalacas of Western Mexico. 230-234.
Robert T. Moore, Don R. Medina.
Breeding Biology of the California Gull. 235-246.
William H. Behle, Wayne A. Goates.
Notes on Birds of the Province of Bocas Del Toro, Panama. 247-262.
Eugene Eisenmann.
Incubation By Drake Wood Duck in Eclipse Plumage. 263-265.
Noble Rollin.
Notes and News. 272.
Cooper Society Meetings. 272.

From Field and Study

Selection and Emberizine Distraction Display. 266.
Richard F. Johnston.
A Fossil Rail From the Pliocene of Arizona. 267-268.
Alexander Wetmore.
Bay-Breasted Warbler Off California Coast. 268.
M. Dale Arvey.
Blue and White Swallow in Mexico. 268.
Raymond A. Paynter, Jr., Miguel Alvarez Del Toro.
Translocated Golden-Crowned Sparrows Return to Winter Range. 268-269.
L. Richard Mewaldt, Donald S. Farner.
Precocial Strutting Sage Grouse. 269.
Gordon W. Gullion.
The Cattle Egret in Jamaica, British West Indies. 269.
R. M. Bond.
Some Additions to Nesting Data on Panamanian Birds. 269-271.
Frank A. Hartman.
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