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The Condor, Volume 47, Number 4 (1945)

4 (July-August)


Nesting of the Allen Hummingbird. 137-148.
Elmer C. Aldrich.
Birds of the Kettleman Hills Area, California. 149-153.
Ide Demay Wilson.
The Systematic Position of the Murrelet Genus Endomychura. 154-160.
Robert W. Storer.
Food Habits of the Barn Owl. 161-166.
Albert C. Hawbecker.
Notes and News. 174-175.
Publications Reviewed. 175-176.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 176.

From Field and Study

Western Red-Tailed Hawk Catches Cooper Hawk. 167.
Sidney B. Peyton.
The Blue Goose in California. 167.
Stanley G. Jewett.
Observation of the South American Condor. 167-168.
Ira L. Wiggins.
Feeding Habits of the Clark Nutcracker. 168.
Clarence Cottam.
Miscellaneous Records of Birds Uncommon in Utah. 168-170.
William H. Behle, Aaron Ross.
The Calliope Hummingbird at Portland, Oregon. 170.
Stanley G. Jewett.
Cock Roosts of the Texas Nighthawk. 170.
A. J. Van Rossem.
Winter Bird Observations in the Boise National Forest, Idaho. 170-172.
William H. Marshall.
Some Records of Birds in Utah. 172-173.
Clarence Cottam.
Evening Grosbeaks Feeding on Russian Olive Berries. 173.
R. Frank Hedges.
Field Damage By Cedar Waxwings. 173.
Sidney B. Peyton.
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