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The Condor, Volume 33, Number 3 (1931)

3 (May-June)


Notes on the Habits and Development of Young Quail. 85-88.
Frank F. Gander.
Some Observations on Bird Behavior. 89-91.
E. L. Summer, Jr..
Facts Concerning the Use of Thallium in California to Poison Rodents-Its Destructiveness to Game Birds, Song Birds and Other Valuable Wild Life. 92-106.
Jean M. Linsdale.
Two Primitive Rails From the Eocene of Colorado and Wyoming. 107-109.
Alexander Wetmore.
The Birds of the Rogue River Valley, Oregon. 110-121.
Ira N. Gabrielson.
Editorial Notes and News. 129-131.
J. Grinnell.
Wholesale Poisoning of Wild Animal Life. 131-132.
J. Grinnell.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 134-136.
Hilda W. Grinnell, John McB. Robertson.

From Field and Study

Late Nesting of a Pair of Barn Swallows in Montana. 122.
Winton Weydemeyer.
An Experiment in Staining California Gulls. 123.
John B. Price.
Black-Necked Stilts Nesting in the Suisun Marshes, California. 123-124.
Emerson A. Stoner.
Eastern Fox Sparrow Trapped in Berkeley, California. 124.
E. L. Sumner, Sr..
Ground Nesting of Crows in Wyoming. 124-125.
Captain L. R. Wolfe.
The Reddish Egret, a Bird New to the Avifauna of California. 125.
Laurence M. Huey.
A Seasonal Feast of the Willow Goldfinch. 125-126.
Tracy I. Storer.
Behavior of Parent Killdeers. 126.
Henry Warrington.
Whistling Swans on Salton Sea. 126.
Wilson C. Hanna.
Harris Sparrow in Berkeley. 127.
Margaret W. Wythe.
Two New Birds and Other Records for Lower California, Mexico. 127-128.
Lawrence M. Huey.
Some Recent Records From Lincoln County, Montana. 128.
Winton Weydemeyer.
Some Banded Birds Recaptured After Five to Seven and One-Half Years. 128.
E. L. Sumner, Sr..
The Most Western Record of the Indigo Bunting. 129.
Lawrence M. Huey.
The Western Tanager Wintering in Southern California. 129.
E. S. Spaulding.

Publications Reviewed

Review: Birds of Tropical West Africa by David Armitage Bannerman. 132-134.
J. Grinnell.
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