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The Condor, Volume 24, Number 1 (1922)

1 (January-February)


The Reddish Egrets of Cameron County, Texas. 3-12.
J. R. Pemberton.
Magpies Versus Livestock: An Unfortunate New Chapter in Avian Depredations. 13-17.
S. Stillman Berry.
Notes on the Dipper in Yellowstone National Park. 18-21.
M. P. Skinner.
Some Birds of Roosevelt Lake, Arizona. 22-25.
Hartley H. T. Jackson.
Record of Birds Banded. 35.
Amelia S. Allen, H. C. Bryant, J. E. Law.
Editorial Notes and News. 35-36.
J. Grinnell.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 36.
Amelia S. Allen.

From Field and Study

On the Occurrence of the Buffle-Head at Eagle Lake. 25-26.
Allan Brooks.
The Black Vulture in Colorado. 26.
Junius Henderson.
A Winter Record of the Kern Red-Wing. 26.
D. R. Dickey, A. J. Van Rossem.
Bird Fatalities Resulting From a Shipwreck. 26-27.
Ernest P. Walker.
Number of Birds Described as New From California. 27-28.
J. Grinnell.
Possible Occurrence of the Blue-Footed Booby in Southern California. 28.
A. J. Van Rossem.
The White Gyrfalcon in Montana. 28.
J. Hooper Bowles.
A Specimen of the Markham Petrel. 28.
Alexander Wetmore.
Summer Record of Blue-Winged Teal in California, and Notes on Other Birds. 28-29.
Chester C. Lamb.
An Inland Occurrence of the Common Tern. 29.
D. R. Dickey, A. J. Van Rossem.
Burrowing Owl Off the Virginia Coast. 29.
Wm. Duncon Strong.
Corrections of Errors in Pacific Coast Avifauna No. 14.. 29.
Bernard Bailey.
Rare Birds in Arizona and New Mexico. 29-30.
R. T. Kellogg.
Notes on the Voice of the California Screech Owl. 30-31.
Paul Bonnot.
Early Nesting of the Tri-Colored Blackbird and Mallard. 31.
D. R. Dickey, A. J. Van Rossem.
A Correction: Brewer Blackbird Not Occurring in Northern British Columbia. 31.
P. A. Taverner.
A Pigmy Owl Bathing. 31-32.
Joseph Mailliard.
The California Brown Pelican in the State of Washington. 32.
J. Hooper Bowles.
The Anthony Vireo" Not a Tenable Subspecies". 32-33.
J. Grinnell.
Some Hawks of Harney Valley, Oregon. 33-34.
Ira N. Gabrielson.
The Validity of the Catalina Island Quail. 34.
D. E. Dickey, A. J. Van Rossem.
Virginia Rail and Flammulated Screech Owl in the San Bernardino Mountains. 34.
John McB. Robertson.
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