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The Condor, Volume 23, Number 4 (1921)

Publication Information
4 (July-August)


The Storage of Acorns By the California Woodpecker. 109-118.
Henry W. Henshaw.
The Storage of Almonds By the California Woodpecker. 118-121.
Claude Gignoux.
The Flock Behavior of the Coast Bush-Tit. 121-127.
R. C. Miller.
Genera and Species. 127-129.
Richard C. Mcgregor.
A Synopsis of California's Fossil Birds. 129-130.
Loye Miller.
Editorial Notes and News. 139.
J. Grinnell.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 142-144.
L. E. Wyman, Amelia S. Allen, Tracy I. Storer.

From Field and Study

On the Acorn-Storing Habit of Certain Woodpeckers. 131.
Morton E. Peck.
The Brown-Headed Nuthatch in Oklahoma. 131.
Margaret M. Nice.
The Water Ouzel in Arizona. 131-132.
Charles T. Vorhies.
The Harlequin Duck in Montana. 133.
T. S. Palmer.
Oklahoma Field Notes. 133-134.
J. R. Pemberton.
Relative Dimensions of Aeroplanes and Hawks. 134.
Joseph Dixon.
A Murre Tragedy. 135.
R. H. Palmer.
Eastern California Occurrences of the Golden-Crowned Sparrow. 136.
A. J. Van Rossem.
Sparrow Hawk Captures Swallow. 136.
Paul Bonnot.
Bubo Virginianus Occidentalis in California. 136.
H. S. Swarth.
Calliope Hummingbird at the Flower Show. 136-137.
C. W. Michael.
Dipper Nesting in Santa Barbara County, California. 137.
Ralph Hoffmann.
The California Brown Pelican as a Navigator. 137-138.
C. H. Woodward.
Western Bluebird Nesting on the Sea-Coast. 138.
Ralph Hoffmann.
Philadelphia Vireo in Montana. 138.
Edward A. Preble.
White-Throated Sparrow in Orange County. 138.
John McB. Robertson.

Publications Reviewed

Saunders on the Birds of Montana. 139-142.
Edward A. Preble.
Evermann and Clark on the Fauna of Lake Maxinkuckee. 142.
H. S. Swarth.
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