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The Condor, Volume 10, Number 6 (1908)

6 (November-December)


A Corner in the Colony of Caspian Terns on Lower Klamath Lake (Frontispiece). 213.
Finley, Bohlman.
Retrospective. 215-218.
Henry B. Kaeding.
From Big Creek to Big Basin. 219-222.
Million S. Ray, Oluf J. Heinemann.
The Arrangement of an Oological Collection. 223-225.
Herbert Massey M.B.O.U..
A Month's Bird-Collecting in Venezuela. 225-230.
John F. Ferry.
Three Vireos: Nesting Notes From the Huachuca Mountains. 230-234.
F. C. Willard.
Nesting of the Pine Siskin at Great Slave Lake. 234-235.
Rudolph M. Anderson.
Mr. Rockwell's Suggestion of Cooperation in Ornithological Studies. 235-236.
Wm. E. Ritter.
Editorial Notes. 240.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 240-241.
Index to Volume X. 242-252.

From Field and Study

Louisiana Water-Thrush in California. 236-237.
Loye Holmes Miller.
The Present Status of the Least Tern in Southern California. 237.
W. Lee Chambers.
Late Nesting of the Green-Backed Goldfinch. 237.
C. S. Sharp.
Subspecific Names in the Genus Passerella. 237-238.
J. Grinnell.
Pacific Fulmars and Pacific Kittiwakes at Long Beach. 238.
C. B. Linton.
The European Chaffinch at Berkeley, California. 238.
T. S. Palmer.
Northern Range of the Phainopepla. 238.
J. R. Pemberton.
The California Record of the Cape Robin Open to Question. 238-239.
C. B. Linton.
Early Record for Passerculus Rostratus in Los Angeles County. 239.
C. B. Linton.
Notes on the Western Gnatcatcher. 239.
J. R. Pemberton.
Bohlman and Finley in Camp on a Floating Tule Island During Their Exploration of Lower Klamath Lake, Summer of 1908 (Photo). 239.
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