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Notes on the Western Gnatcatcher

J. R. Pemberton
6 (November-December)
From Field and Study
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Notes on the Western Gnatcatcher.-The Western Gnatcatcher (Polioptila cmulea obscwa) has appeared this summer over its breeding range in Central California in larger numbers than ever before, and has visited localities where previously unknown.

At Fyffe, El Dorado County, it had been noted by Barlow in June, but in no numbers. This year, however, it was a very common bird and noless than eight pairs of birds were observed nesting at Fyffe, and three sets of eggs were taken by H. W. Carriger and myself. Mr. Carriger in his three previous trips from Placerville to Fyffe had never seen a bird along the stage road, yet this year its note could be heard nearly everywhere, ant1 seven specimens were taken over a range of twelve miles.

On March 22, 1908, near Point San Pedro, San Mateo County, I took a male gnatcatcher, thus making a record for this county.

In Alameda County, where observations were made over March, 4pril, July and August, these birds were abundant nearly everywhere in the bushy regions and specimens of all ages were taken. Mr. W. Otto Emerson, probably the best posted man on Alameda County ornithology, can only report two instances of this bird having occurred in the county over a long period of years.

From the data thus taken from the widely separated localities mentioned, it would appear that the species has made a very large migration northward this last summer and I should like to hear of its occurrence in other localities this year.-J. R. PEMBERTON, Slatnford University, California. 

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