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The Condor, Volume 10, Number 2 (1908)

2 (March-April)


Life History of the California Condor. Part III. Home Life of the Condors. 59-65
William L. Finley
Spring Notes From Santa Catalina Island. 65-68
Charles H. Richardson, Jr.
Notes on the Rhea Or South American Ostrich. 69-71
Samuel Adams
Observations on the Nesting Habits of the Phainopepla. 72-75
Harriet Williams Myers
Some Data and Records From the Whetstone Mountains, Arizona. 75-78
Austin Paul Smith
Some Notes on the Great Blue Heron. 78-81
H. W. Carriger, J. R. Pemberton
Notes From San Clemente Island. 82-86
C. B. Linton
Some Hints on the Preparation of an Oological Collection. 86-90
Robert B. Rockwell

Editorial and News Department

A New Museum. 95.
Joseph Grinnell
The Rehabilitation of the California Academy of Sciences. 95-96
Edward Winslow Gifford
Editorial Notes. 96.
Joseph Grinnell
Annual Meeting of the Colorado Biological Society. 96.
Minutes of Cooper Club Meetings. 98-100.
Roswell S. Wheeler, J. Eugene Law

From Field and Study

Dates That Are Not Data. 91
J. H. Fleming
A Vermillion Flycatcher in Los Angeles County, California. 91
Howard W. Wright
Destruction of Imperial Woodpeckers. 91
Austin Paul Smith
A Curious Bird Tragedy. 91
Chas. H. Richardson, Jr.
How Large a Bird Can the California Shrike Kill? 92
Chas. H. Richardson, Jr.
The Blackburnian Warbler Noted at Fort Brown, Texas, December at 1907. 92
Austin Paul Smith
Goonies of the Desert. 92
J. Grinnell
Brain Parasite in White-Necked Raven. 92
Austin Paul Smith
Junco Hyemalis Hyemalis. 92
J. R. Pemberton
Albinism of Scaled Partridge. 93
Austin Paul Smith
The Red-Winged Blackbirds of Colorado. 93
Robert B. Rockwell
A Death Struggle. 93
Howard W. Wright
San Geronimo Notes. 94
Joseph Mailliard
Catalina Quail. 94
J. Grinnell
The Mountain Bluebird in Arizona. 94
Junius Henderson

Publications Reviewed

Godnan's a Monograph of the Petrels (Order Tubinares). 96-97.
Joseph Grinnell
Beebe's Geographic Variation in Birds, with Especial Reference to the Effects of Humidity. 97-98.
Walter P. Taylor
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