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The Condor, Volume 7, Number 3 (1905)

Publication Information
3 (May-June)


Rufous Hummingbirds. 58
Herman T. Bohlman.
Hummingbird Studies. 59-62
William L. Finley, Herman T. Bohlman.
The Future Problems and Aims of Ornithology. 62-66
Prof. Alfred R. Wallace, Dr. L. Stejneger, Dr. P. L. Sclater.
Portraits of European Ornithologists. 67
Dr. Anton Reichnenow, Mr. H. E. Dresser, Prof. Count T. Salvadori, Dr. O. Finsch.
In Alaska's Rain Belt. 68-71
Wilfred H. Osgood.
Midwinter Birds on the Mojave Desert. 71-77
Joseph Mailliard, Joseph Grinnell.
Summer Birds of the Papago Indian Reservation and of the Santa Rita Mts., Arizona. 77-81
Harry S. Swarth.
Minutes of Club Meetings. 85.
Charles S. Thompson, H.T. Clifton
Directory of Members of Cooper Ornithological Club. 86-88.

Editorial Notes

Robin Notes, Letter From Prof. Ritter, Portraits of European Ornithologists. 84.
Walter K. Fisher

From Field and Study

A Correction. 82
Vernon Bailey
Snow-Bound. 82
L. Belding.
Falco Richardsoni in Southern California. 82
Frank S. Daggett.
San Geronimo Notes. 82
Joseph Mailliard.
A Correction. 82
Joseph Mailliard.
The Irrepressible Oregon Chickadee. 82-83
L. Belding.
Corrections. 83
L. Belding.
Erroneous Records Corrected. 83
J. S. Hunter.
Robin Notes. 83
E. I. Applegate.
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