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Erroneous Records Corrected

J. S. Hunter
Publication Information
3 (May-June)
From Field and Study

Erroneous Records Corrected.-Dr. Wolcott of the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union has called my attention to some errors in an article written by me, and printed in the November-December 1904 number of THE CONDOR. These were due to recent identifications, mv work having been done about six years ago, and to my not having known that some doubtful records had been thrown out, by the Nebraska Union Committee, on account of no specimens having been taken. There are no Sioux County records for barred owl, dusky poor-will, Lincoln sparrow, cedar waxwing, Cassin vireo, russet-backed thrush, yellow-billed cuckoo and Baird sparrow. Cabanis woodpecker should be Rocky Mountain woodpecker; American goldfinch, the western goldfinch, and the slender-billed nuthatch, the Rocky Mountain. In some way, probably a slip on my part in copying, parts of two paragraphs on page 170 were omitted. The paragraph-beginning in line 35 should read, “The prairie falcon although occuring in Santa Cruz County, was not seeu during the summer; in Sioux County it is a rather common resident. The raptores are rather more abundant, in individuals, in Sioux County. This is due to the fact that the country is thinly settled and the birds have a chance to live undisturbed.-J. S. HUNTER, Berkeley, Cat. 

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