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The Migrant, Vol 13 Issue 4

Tennessee Ornithological Society/The Migrant
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A November week on Reelfoot Lake 53
Charles F. Pickering
Imitation of other birds by the Starling 55
George R. Mayfield
Sandhill Cranes in East Tennessee 56
Harry P. Ijams
Further Notes on Barn Owls 57
Conrad Jamison and William Simpson
The moult sequence of a Gyrfalcon 58
Walter R. Spofford
Annual Christmas Bird Census 61
T.O.S. Members
The Round Table - Seasonal notes from Memphis, 67; Notes on Chimney Swift roosts, 68; Unusual winter sparrows at Memphis, 68; Hummingbird takes a shower bath, 69; A Black Vulture's nest at Reelfoot Lake, 69; Roosting of Purple Martins and Grackles, 69; LeConte's Sparrow at Clarksville, 70; Seasonal notes from Nashville, 71; Where eagles roost, 71; Hawk attacks vultures, 72; Blue Jays burying food, 72; Connecticut Warbler at Nashville, 73; Red-headed Woodpeckers in winter, 73; Wren evicts a turtle, 74; Notes on Hawks, 74; Palm Warblers wintering, 75; Christmas census at Greenville, 75; Notes from Knoxville Chapter, 75; Fall field day at Nashville, 76; In the armed service, 76; Editorial chat, 77; Index for 1942 78
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