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Eastern Bird Banding Association News Vol 28 Issue 3 (1965)

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Eastern Bird Banding Association News


Contents are available only from page 154 to page 160.

The presidents message 114.
John R. Given
EBBA council meeting 114.
Annual business meeting 115-116.
Martha Neel
Annual meeting register of members and guests by states 116-118.
Turtle trouble? 118.
Mabel Warburton
Committies and appointments 119.
Annual meeting-photos 120-121.
Photos by Anderson J. Martin
Treasurer's report for year ending February 28, 1965 122.
Winners of the bird quiz 122.
Annual meeting report 123-124.
Constance Katholi
Financial report of the net committee 124.
Eleanor E. Dater
Difficult decisions in identification 125-129.
Jeff Swinebroad and Thomas C. Crebbs Jr.
A naturalist's tour to Iceland- Part 1 130-135.
Albert Schnitzer
Large clap nets 136-138.
C.D.T. Minton
Another early marked bird 138.
Dr. Charles H. Blake
Barn Swallow return 138.
Dr. Robert p. Yunick
Operation Recovery- Cape May point, N. J. 138.
Edited by Betty Knorr
Your program committee reports 139.
Rebecca Cregar
Who banded what? 140-142.
Edited by Betty Knorr
Books for banders 143-145.
Edited by Mabel Gillespie
On attracting birds 145.
Edwin A. Mason
A Bird Bander's Diary March-April 146-148.
Ralph K. Bell
New members 149.
Parallel nets set 150.
Thomas A. Beckett III
Techniques for studing the Red-Tailed Hawk 151-155.
Terrence N. Ingram
Supports for mist nets over water 155.
C.D.T. Minton
Bird banding office Do's & Don't's 156.
Red-Wing nestling banding program-1965 156.
Bluebird information wanted 156.
Color-marked birds-reports wanted 157.
Traps for sale 157.
Cross-Billed Redwing 157.
Tom Davis
Puzzle solved 157.
News in brief 158.
Banders aids 159.
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